Friday, 24 January 2014


The Star is always a lovely card to draw, though this is another very unusual variant from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot (US Games, 1998).

A large, yellow star dominates the image, bent in half and wrapping its points around a dark moon.  It has the squiffy eyes found in many of the characters of this deck, and a bright, pink and purple smile.  Six smaller stars twinkle around the edges of the moon.  Below this wide sky scape, we see choppy waters and two structures poking up from amid the waves.  The structure on the left holds a scroll, while the right hand one holds a small person.  This little figure in black pours a single drop of water from a jug into the swell of water around them.

This image doesn't bring to mind calm and generosity, as so many Star cards do.  It speaks more of underlying uncertainty, and putting a bright, bold face on.  And if we can't do that, of at least giving what we can, despite trying circumstances.  Or maybe that's just me...  Still, I suppose those could be taken as ideal circumstances for the Star's traditional message of hope and guidance!

I'm certainly feeling a bit like that small, dark figure, under threat of being overwhelmed by the waves.  So, this card reminds me to look beyond my current circumstances and keep hope alive. 

I am grateful for hope.


  1. This deck does inspire feelings of wonkiness, but this one has a kind of pleasant story-book feel. Hopefully you can turn your story into something relaxing and peaceful. Much Love!

    1. I like that: "feelings of wonkiness" :D Some of the cards I find a bit off-putting, with their latex masks. And some, as you say, have a real story-book feel :)