Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Le Iugement

Not sure if it's a typo on the card, or a more "Roman" spelling of Judgement, as I think I remember hearing that the Romans sometimes used "i"s in place of "j"s.  Certainly, the card's title isn't spelled that way on all other Marseille-style decks, but that's what we find on the card from the Isis Tarot de Marseille (ISIS Marseille, 2010).

Following tradition, it's a "Judgement Day" scene with an angel in a cloud blowing a trumpet to call the dead to rise.  We have a couple of pink people - recently dead - and someone blue with a possible hole in his head - ancient dead, I guess.  All rise up, with hands held as though in prayer.  The pink guy looks up to the angel, while the pink woman looks at the man.

I kind of like the symbolism of the blue man.  When we hear a call from a higher power, all the parts of ourselves, even those we thought long gone, have a new chance.  We may find something from the deep past is useful again, perhaps in a different way.  This makes me think of the modern phenomenon of a skills-based CV, rather than a job-based one.  Finding the new application of something from the past in a different setting...

A couple of things come to mind in that regard for today.  One is that I've been applying knowledge of meditation gleaned from my yoga training over a decade ago to preparing for the birth of my second child.  With that, I've been following some hypnobirthing practices, which I hope will be helpful.  Another is that I should be able to finish re-editing something from 2012 today :)

I am grateful that old does not have to mean useless or forgotten.


  1. I really like the shading on this Marseille deck. It's very welcoming.

  2. I have been hearing about hypnobirthing a lot recently. I think you'll be wonderful with you--you have lots of experience with yoga and meditation--I think you'll be a natural. XOXOX