Monday, 6 January 2014

Le Pendu

Another Major today from the Isis Tarot de Marseille (ISIS Marseille, 2010): the Hanged Man.

With his blond hair flopping down around his head, this chap hangs by one foot from two hard-pruned trees with a branch set between them.  One leg is crossed behind him, forming the traditional upside-down 4 shape that we also see in the Emperor.  His arms are held behind his back, too, and his right leg is tied to the post above him.  The Hanged Man's head drops below the surface of the earth, as he seems to dangle between two hillocks, or maybe the hanging structure crosses a small chasm.  In this way, he seems linked to heaven and earth, in a doorway that crosses boundaries.  Thus, we find the connection to the story of Odin, and to the idea of being suspended in limbo, but with potential for learning and development.

The underlying colour of his clothes is a growthful green, with a yellow and red swapped-square tunic on top (enlightenment and passion in equal measure), and blue upper sleeves (limited ability to communicate).  My eye is drawn to the fact that one of his buttons, just above his beltline, is different to the other 9, and that he has a small pocket by his right hip.  His transition isn't complete, but fortunately he still has some reserves to help him through this trial.

Several authors and deck creators have seen the potential links between this card and being pregnant.  Although in some ways it seems like not much is going on, and that we don't have much power to do or change what is happening, it is still a time of incredible change and learning, with a hoped for gain at the end.  This card reminds me to appreciate my reserves, and to accept the not-doing and not-knowing with good grace.

I am grateful for my Dear One, who let me have a much-needed lie-in.


  1. Love Ellen's response... it really made me smile :D You take care of yourself and make the most of whatever rest and relaxation you can get! Thinking of you :)