Saturday, 4 January 2014

Licking Moon Drops

This week, I decided to use a Marseille-style tarot.  In fact, this is the first Marseille-style tarot as such that I've bought.  Before now, the only one I had was the quarter included on the Comparative Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2002, OOP).  However, when I read the description of the Isis Tarot de Marseille (ISIS Marseille, 2010), I was taken: it combines very traditional imagery from the Conver deck (1760), with three dimensional imagery and Japanese aesthetics.  It is, in short, the "prettiest" traditional Marseille deck out there :)

Even so, as today's draw shows, the images are rather bizarre.  Here, in the Moon card, we appear to have two canines (one blue, one pink) trying to lick drops that fall like sweat from the moon.  Lower down, a crayfish rises to the surface of a neatly-edged pool, with rough rocks behind.  Two towers rise, though not very high, in the background, and there are some flowers in the rolling green and yellow landscape. 

To me, this card speaks of unconscious emotions rising to the surface in a sometimes frightening, dream-like way.  The moon madness spreads, like those drops that fall where they will, and our more animalistic aspects revel in the passions thus aroused.

Encouraged by Carla of Rowan Tarot, I asked my Dear One for Ben-Dov's "Tarot: The Open Reading" for Christmas.  This is definitely no new-age book, mentioning that "full-moon nights are often related to rites of sorcery and to 'lunatic' behavior."  Still, it tells us that the Moon is associated with water and femininity.  It also suggests that the rocks at the bottom edge of the card are actually those at the bottom of the lake - raw rock at the bottom to contrast with the neat, man-made upper edges.  These rocks can also signify that if there is depression around due to these uncovered emotions, we won't just sink forever, as there is a bedrock of stability to support us.  Ben-Dov also talks of "a feeling of longing for something beyond normal reality" that can also "link the card with an inclination towards the occult".  Another meaning, which I had never heard before, is that of a quarrel with hidden motives, signified by the dogs barking at one another.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm feeling a bit worried about giving birth.  It helps that yesterday I drew up a birth plan, booked us in for antenatal classes, and prepared a list of things to put in a hospital bag.  Still, those are the practicalities, the deep feelings will still need dealing with.  I guess the first step is to acknowledge them...

I am grateful for the reminder that emotions exist even when we are doing all we logically can.


  1. After you've gathered your fears at night in the moonlight take them with you into he morning and show them to the sun

    1. Ellen, that's another quotation from you that wants writing down! Off to find journal...

    2. Yes, absolutely beautiful, Ellen! I am trying to do just that :)