Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Passionate Clarity

Ah, I do love it when a deck shows us its paces, so to speak.  We've had a couple of Majors, a Court card, and now here's an Ace from the Isis Tarot de Marseille (ISIS Marseille, 2010).

A red-bladed sword is held aloft by a hand emerging from a frill with some added boom - a rather different take than the traditional cloud.  The hand is clothed in a gree sleeve with red trim to match the sword.  As for the blade, it stands straight up, piercing the centre of a golden crown, from which dangle a couple of rather organic-looking fronds.  The fronds both have green at their base and red shafts,  but the one on the left has regular leaves, while the one on the right is pretty spiky.  Multi-coloured yods drift to either side of the blade, without any clear pattern to the colours and positions.

To me, red speaks of passion, of the life-blood that flows through us and invigorates us.  The golden crown is enlightenment, and we wield our mind in this physical body with passion trying to reach that clarity.  Most of the blade is below the crown, only at small points do we glimpse this higher truth.  The fronds are the wonders of nature, which can connect us to it, and sparks of this wisdom drift around, ripe for catching on occasion.  Anyhow, that's my intuitive take on the card.

As for Ben-Dov, he says that the two fronds are branches of palm on the left and laurel on the right, both symbols of victory.  "The red tips of the cut branches resemble blood drops, and may symbolize sacrifice and hard struggle through which victory is achieved."  I like some of his interpretations of the card, which include: "An ability to skip lengthy deliberations and decide one way or another."  He also suggests: "Cutting away with the past".

I'm not decisive at the best of times, so some of that might come in handy today, as my Dear One and I plan to go over some lighting and decorating choices.  I could also do with leaving worries in the past, moving forward in the now.

I am grateful for a little clarity.

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  1. You may not feel very decisive, but you definitely have made some important decisions in the past year or so! Kudos to you! XO