Sunday, 5 January 2014

Roy De Baton

Today, we meet one of the Court cards from the Isis Tarot de Marseille (ISIS Marseille, 2010): the King of Wands.

He sits upon his throne, yet looks as though he's ready to jump up at a moment's notice.  His wand is a large, green sceptre, which strangely enough has a large golden ball at the base, and just a small green ball at the top.  Perhaps it's upside down?  He also wears a golden crown with a large brim, almost like a lemniscate.  His armour is blue underneath, gold on top, with just a few hints of fiery red.

I see this King of Wands as a dynamic figure: a leader who takes charge and responsibility, leading from the front rather than from behind.  He wants to get involved, to be up and doing, and is passionate about what he believes in and does.

Ben-Dov says the wand represents "creative energy and drives that are fully under control."  He also mentions "a dynamic urge to push forward" but notes that "it appears as if the king is about to stab his own heel, maybe to curb an overly impulsive enthusiasm" :D

Today, I need to curb my worries, more than anything else.  And I guess I need to put some creative energy into work as well.  I have to draft something for work.  It stressed me out all night, so I want to get it done asap, so I can stop thinking about it.  Still, this card reminds me not to send it off half-cocked.  I still need to make sure that it is clear and logical (more the King of Swords' domain), curbing my desire to just get it sent.

I am grateful for the reminder to apply my energy creatively and with full awareness.


  1. Replies
    1. He is rather younger than some kingly depictions, isn't he? And yes, I can imagine him getting fresh with someone, too ;)

  2. This deck isn't resonating with me. Mwa ha ha ha!

    1. Oh, but it's so pretty compared to some Marseille decks, while still having all that lovely, traditional symbolism. Surely the images and colours say something to you? ;)