Thursday, 16 January 2014


Today, we have another Court card from the Tarot Draconis (Lo Scarabeo, 2013).

This Queen of Cups holds a massive goblet in her left hand, suggestive of being intuitive and emotionally deep.  She sits on her throne in the middle of a still sea, with blue all around her: the sea, the sky, and even her throne.  Yet, amid all these suggestions of calm, emotional tranquility, and openness, she wears armour that covers her from neck to toes, and her feet rest on top of the water, rather than in it.

This seems almost contradictory, and yet I quite like the symbolism.  It's as though she needs a hard outer layer, because she is naturally so soft.  She needs a bit of structure to help contain her, just as water is contained by a cup.  And her intuition runs so deep that she doesn't need to be immersed in the water of emotions to feel them running through her.

For me, meditation is one of those structures that helps contain me and my emotions.  It's one I've been drawing on a lot recently, going for the greater structure of guided hypnobirthing meditations :)

I am grateful for the reminder to draw on the support systems I have.

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  1. Again a beautiful card. And I like your interpretation. Containment is something we are likely to forget when somebody is in need. I Have learned there is a great difference between compassion and empathy