Saturday, 25 January 2014


After the bizarreness of last week's deck, this week we're going to the other end of the spectrum.  The Tarot of Mermaids (2003, mini-edition 2005) is a Lo Scarabeo 'art deck', full of buxsome, lithesome mercreatures.  This was the first 'mini' deck I ever bought, and as such it spent a fair bit of time in my handbag and dragged out for impromptu readings.  And while it doesn't have the depth of symbolism many other decks offer, it is more readable than something like the Art Nouveau Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2002).

Take today's card: the Five of Chalices.  A mermaid lies on the sea floor, with three dark shells scattered at her side.  Another two shells sit, shining brightly, on a rock behind her. There is also a pyramidal structure in the background, and a vortex of light, or perhaps ripples on the surface, above. 

This is a fairly traditional RWS-based depiction.  It suggests sorrowful emotions over what is past, and not seeing the potential of what is available.  I quite like the three-dimensionality, which implies not only that she is turning her back on potential happiness, but also that she could look beyond herself for a brighter perspective.

I was reminded a couple of days ago to look for the support that may be available to me, and this card echoes that.  My mother is a wonderful source of support, and is coming for a visit today.  So, time to let go of pain and fears and appreciate the love and caring in my life.

I am grateful for my mother, who loves and supports me so kindly even now.


  1. Even now? I would think especially now!

    1. Well, I was thinking I'm a grown woman in my forties. It's normal for your parents to love and support you when you're a kid, but all the more wonderful now, that she doesn't just say, "You're an adult, get on with it!" :D But yes, I can imagine that as a mother, you never stop being a mother...