Thursday, 9 January 2014

Trois de Batons

As a Marseille-style deck, the Isis Tarot de Marseille (ISIS Marseille, 2010) has non-illustrated pips, which simply show the requisite number of suit elements.

For instance, here we have the three of wands.  The wands cross at their blue centres, with red handles, and black tips.  To either side, there are a couple of flowers and some leaves in pale blue and gold.  The three wands seem able to come together, working in unison, and from that collaboration comes growth.

It's interesting, too, to have that pale blue I associate with communication at the centre of the card.  For things to progress well requires not just a coming together of different aspects, but their clear communication.

Of course, that's applying traditional tarot notions to the imagery. At a more intuitive level, I could see this as two people or plans blocking the path of a third.  Which makes sense in the light of my day as myself and one of Big Boy's carers have just been herding him around the hospital for another in a battery of tests.  Thinking of a fruitful coming together, I hope that bodes well for the rest of my day, where there's lots going on: work, exercise, and then playing more with Big Boy after school.

I am grateful for the diversity of things in my life.


  1. That sound like a busy day to me. Hopefully the test results will be positive.
    I don't really like decks without illustrated pips. I can not seem to connect to them. My Thoth deck is still waiting for some attention :D

    1. It's interesting, Ellen. I used to refuse non-illustrated pips entirely. Now, I think my favourites are the semi-illustrated pips, like the Vision Quest deck By The Sycamore Tree is using this week, or like the Incidental Tarot. Although I found this deck quite readable this week, it's definitely not going to become one of my favourites any time soon :)
      As for the day, it was pretty busy. I'm really hoping things will calm down a bit soon!

    2. Yes the Vision Quest Tarot is lovely as is the Incidental Tarot. I didn't know that one but I've just visited the site ( the shipping is as expensive as the deck itself :( )
      I hope you will sleep well tonight

  2. I have a couple of Marseille decks, SWiss 1JJ and the Fournier, but to tell you the truth I've never learnt to read with them well. Batons usually represent enterprise and growth - when I look at the colours of this card (because I think it's hard to apply R/W interpretations to these cards so colours is what I'll use) - we see each has black at the ends and this could represent the subconscious at work. Gold rims that, and with that colour we get illumination, reason and logic, this is followed by red and this could be seen as action, will power and blue is where all three connect and this could symbolise reflection and the ideals emerging from the depths of the subconscious. So to me this card is about allowing those ideas to come out and work together. Together this card might say that there is a sense of accomplishment in bringing to light those ideas.

    Of course I could be talking a load of twaddle here ;)