Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Where Next?

While clearly RWS-based, the Tarot Draconis (Lo Scarabeo, 2013) adds plenty of interesting twists to traditional themes.

Take today's card: the Five of Swords.  A dragon stands on what appears to be a battlefield, based on its burned, charred and ruined appearance.  In the background a fire still seems to rage, however here the ground is just black and scorched.  Five dragon-winged blades stand, pommel up, in the battered landscape.  The three in the foreground glow as though with magical energy, while the two further back, though seemingly identical in design, appear lifeless in comparison.

This card invites traditional interpretations of defeat, humiliation and loss.  After all, the dragon is hemmed in by the magical blades, with a fire and destruction behind: a rock and a hard place.  Or we could see that as the way ahead being blocked, while behind us lie the fruits of our own destructiveness.  While the image is also open to questions about who wins in a lose-lose situation (land that is destroyed doesn't support the victim or the victor), different takes are possible, too. For example, those magical blades could be taken as a positive: the dragon still has three energised swords to hand, to move forward with.

Yesterday, I had a very interesting Skype reading from James Ricklef (a delightful Christmas present from a dear friend).  One of the things he said that really stuck with me is that the cards don't necessarily represent actual events, but how we feel about them.  In that sense, for me today this card is another reminder that I need to leave the past behind, and move forward with new ideas that energise me.  I cannot undo what has happened, but I can act differently in the future.  While this is especially true for me with regards to fears around giving birth, I think it a useful lesson in other areas of my life, too.

I am grateful that life is an evolving journey.


  1. "the cards don't necessarily represent actual events, but how we feel about them" Love that. It emphasizes tarot isn't so much about telling the future but more about mirroring our own feelings and thought etc about the main issues and options

    1. Exactly, Ellen :) Like life, tarot is an ever-evolving journey, too!

  2. The dragon can go UP so the field of containment is moot.
    How often do I miss the totally obvious in my own life? A lot :)