Wednesday, 22 January 2014


What a very different Queen of Cups to last week's!  This version, from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot (US Games, 1998) is certainly unusual...

A blonde woman sits before a green table, with a pink-and-blue chequered wall behind her.  There are numbers in some of the pink squares, and a squiggle in another.  The woman wears a pink latex costume, a black dog-collar with a heart at the front and metal spikes at either side, and a blue face mask with only one eye hole, the other eye being covered by a question mark.  Her hands are below the table, and instead two blue-gloved hands poke up through holes in the table, on the end of more spikes.  One sits in front of her face, as though in a questioning, chin-rubbing position.  The other appears to want to walk off across the table, which also holda a mug decorated with hearts and a cube with a Q on one side.

The face mask makes me think of experiencing your emotions through senses beyond sight, pointing to this Queen's intuitiveness.  She has no hands, though, to show she's not much for action, and she rubs her chin as though pondering something.  The collar makes me think of someone who is controlled by others, perhaps through her emotionality.

Today, my Dear One and I are meeting with someone about the refurb works at our new place.  The phrase "a nudge is as good as a wink" keeps spinning through my head.  So, perhaps I need to listen to the subtexts in the conversation, let my DO do the talking, but try to point him towards anything I notice in a subtle way.  Perhaps, too, a reminder not to let my emotions take over: we'll move when we move, though it's looking likely to be after the new baby is born at this point :(

I am grateful for the reminder of both the strengths and weaknesses in taking an emotional view of situations.


  1. "the artist's strange aesthetic", that is how you've called it yesterday. This deck it too odd for me. I think i don't like it but I am not sure. all together :)

  2. It's a real storyteller. I got mine about twelve years ago and it is still as interesting today as it was then. One of my favourite LWBs. Kind of adult and childlike, all in one. Odd, yes, but it's easy to fall in love with the characters.