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Monday, 24 February 2014

BMS with the Marseille Cat Tarot

This week, I'm using a new, very fun deck from Lo Scarabeo, the Marseille Cat Tarot (2014).  This takes the basic Marseille imagery and colour scheme, as well as the non-illustrated pips, and adds a catty twist to them all.  Most of the Majors are very traditional, just with a cat instead of a human.  And the pips have the traditional Marseille shapes and colours, but have added in little vignettes to express the more traditional RWS reading of the card.  Overall, I think it works well, and is a lovely deck to add to your collection if you are a cat fan!

Body:  Six of Swords.  I just love those three little kitties in their boat.  Not quite sure where they're going, a little trepidatious, but moving forward nevertheless.  There are a lot of changes going on with my body, that's for sure, with less than three weeks to go til my baby is due.  Still, this being a Swords card reminds me that what we think affects our body, too.  So, time to find some mental calm, even if I can't be sure of where I'm going.

Mind:  The Lovers.  Should we choose the elegant and alluring, or the more stable and enduring?  Seems like it's all about thinking through choices this week.  And there are certainly plenty of those to be made, with a house move next week.  Do I keep this book or give it to charity?  Do I need to pack these bits myself, or can I leave them for the moving men?  What should go first, and what do we need right up til the last minute?  The little Eros-cat in the sun reminds me to follow my heart, not just my head.

Spirit:  Ace of Cups.  The RWS dove plunging downward has been incorporated into the intricate cup, with a cat looking up towards it.  While the cat may be thinking how tasty a dove snack might be, I see a hunger for connection with spirit.  So, despite all the busy-ness, a reminder to take time to feel connected, to meditate, and to honour the love in my life :)

I am grateful for the reminder that both head and heart are important in all aspects of my life.


  1. I don't like cats (allergies:)) and I am not a fan of Marseille decks but I love the way you read with this deck. I hadn't realized you also had to move before giving birth
    Take good care of yourself

    1. Well, I'm a huge cat fan, though it looks like we won't be able to have any for a while, as Big Boy is hugely allergic, too :( Still, I find this deck very cute, and very readable. And yes, rather poor timing, but moving next week and supposed to give birth the week after. I shall, as you say, take good care of myself - no more lifting boxes of books! :D Hugs, Chloë

  2. Good luck with the move next week! That's quite a project for an expectant mother, so make time to rest.

    1. Well, I'll try to make time to rest, but it's tough with so much on. I know it's important, but so many things seem important! Still, I've decided not to try reorganising my deck collection before we move, and just leave it til I unpack it, which I don't have to rush to do. A shame, I'd hoped to get it done, but it hasn't happened so far... :D Wishing you a great week, too, Siddaleah!