Monday, 17 February 2014

BMS with the Tarot of the 78 Doors

This is an older Lo Scarabeo deck, and one whose premise and artwork I really like.  As the name suggests, the Tarot of the 78 Doors (Lo Scarabeo, 2005) features a door of some kind on every card.  And while the deck is clearly RWS-influenced, it is far from a redrawn clone. 

Once again, for this Monday, I drew three cards to look at Body, Mind and Spirit.  

Body:  The Five of Chalices (Cups) often suggests a sorrow based on something in the past.  In terms of the body, this could be a reminder of all that we hold in our bodies: the sore neck connected to a fear that was triggered the day before, or deeper muscular and organ complaints.  This version is interesting, with it's burning door and panicked woman in a window.  Those past mistakes or issues can trap us, if we let them. 

Mind:  This is a rather unusual Queen of Swords!  A mature woman sits back in a comfy armchair, her eyes either closed or glassy.  Her mouth hangs open, and from it a ghostly girl emerges.  I think I recall from the LWB this being the woman's own child self, the part so often pushed aside by the trials of life.  Yet, staying compassionate towards that inner child, in ourselves and others, can be an important way of stating open to understanding the mind's inner workings. 

Spirit:  I like this Nine of Cups, which not only shows a man surrounded by traditional suggestions of emotional plenty, but also him sharing that with his loyal dog/companion.  For me, that acknowledgement of others is a vital part of feeling emotionally satisfied.  It is not a purely selfish thing, but one that embraces those around us.   
I know I hold a lot of fear around how things will go with the birth of my second child, due in the next month.  Yet, those fears and the related tightness in my shoulders and lower back are positively unhelpful.  This baby has been lying breech, and part of that may be due to my pelvis being held tight.  And my uterine muscles will have to release a lot for him to come out smoothly.  So, the Five of Cups acts as a reminder that I should do things to help release those fears and relax the muscles - a two-pronged approach aimed at both the body and the emotions.  The Queen of Swords encourages me to be compassionate in my self-talk, and the Nine of Cups suggests I should give thanks for the good in my life: both the emotional support I have available as well as the forms of nurturing I can access.

I am grateful for the encouragement to self-nurture.


  1. Some of the LS decks are just lovely. Perhaps there is a tendency to discard the decks with less artistic value. Like there is an invisible undefined diving line between them
    I pray everything will work out fine for you and your little one

    1. Yes, I've always loved Antonella Platano's work, even though it isn't high-brow art :) Thank you for your continued prayers and support, Ellen. Everything is going well so far...
      Hugs, Chloë