Monday, 3 February 2014


Today's card from the Bonefire Tarot (Gabrielle West, 2013) is a bit of a strange one. 

Three flaming pentacles dominate the centre of the image, so at least it's very clear what card it is.  However, The diamond at the centre of a lotus underneath the flaming pentacles is less obvious, as are the carrots in the bottom corners, and the huge ears of wheat in the top corners, all of which seem to be growing hydroponically.  There are also some symbols arching over the pentacles, including pentacles, cups, daggers (swords) and pinecones (used in this deck for wands), as well as what look like stars, a crescent moon, a hammer and chisel, and what might be a paintbrush and pencil.  So, tools for creating things, and the fruits of hard labour, rather than the team of people working together that more traditionally greet us from this card.  Still, the idea of working hard, working creatively, and reaping the benefits of this are certainly here.

Big Boy's school have an inset day today, so once again I don't see myself getting much work done (creative or otherwise).  However, if I have a half hour spare, I would like to try and edit some videos I created last week, part of an in-house training programme we're designing.

I am grateful for the hope of creative labour.


  1. Hi Chloe!!! Beautiful deck!!! Surely you'll find a while for you :) I send you a kiss and Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot, LM. I didn't find time for the vids, but at least managed to workout and read a little, which was nice. Hope you're week has started well! Muchísimas estrellas :)