Sunday, 2 February 2014

Creative Mothering

A second Major shows her face today from the Bonefire Tarot (Gabrielle West, 2013).

This Empress has blonde hair, big blue eyes and bright red lips.  Her face shows none of the soft roundness often associated with this archetype.  However, the symbolism is still there, with an embryo hanging inside a tree at her side, and some ripe fruit open beside her.  I'm not sure if it's a pear or a pomegranate.  In either case flames lick around it, as they do around so many objects in this deck - connecting back to the deck's name. 

Gabi West explains that bonefire is a possible precursor to bonfire: a fire set in spring, or at Beltane, with the bones of all the animals which sustained people through the winter.  With the approach of summer, these are burned, along with other detritus, to make way for fresh growth and a new harvest.  So, the burning fruit speaks of enjoying abundance while we have it, and the willingness to let go of the old to make way for new creativity.

It would be nice if this card indicated a day of focusing on creativity.  I'd love to do something arty: be it paint or edit some videos I took on Thursday.  Or to have some time to nurture the baby inside me with exercise and hypnobirthing.  However, it's more likely I'll spend most of the day focused on Big Boy.  That being so, at least I can try to be more creative in my caring: maybe do some music with him, or even try getting some of his art supplies out.  We haven't had much luck on the art front with him, and maybe I need to get creative in how we even approach it...

I am grateful that creativity comes in so many guises.


  1. And don't these thoughts, written here not also show a great deal of creativity already?
    Have a wonderful day together!

  2. this is an amazing Empress. So different so unique.

  3. The creativity level of that card is off the charts. I love your ideas for the day and hope you and Big Boy enjoy yourselves!