Friday, 7 February 2014

Greta Garbo

It's the last day with the Bonefire Tarot (Gabrielle West, 2013), and it's been quite a week.  Overall, this deck is definitely one I'll be using for regular readings - it has an interesting twist on most cards, and plenty of symbolism to get your teeth into.

Take today's card, the Queen of Wands.  At first glance, I don't like her all that much.  Her face looks very hard, whereas I associate her with being dynamic and driven, but also sensual and kind.  Her cat, too, looks a bit mean, whereas I love cats, seeing them as fiercely independent, but also fiercely loving.  Yet, when I look at what she's wearing, and what is around her, this Queen does speak to me.  She has a glittery, orange dress on, colour of the second chakra, associated with sexuality.  She has a sunflower on her top hat - a symbol of reaching for the sun, as well as bucking tradition, giving her a bit of a Greta Garbo feel.  Behind her, a volcano is exploding - plenty of fire and ability to bring change and new growth here.

Rather surprisingly, she has a flaming tattoo of two fish on her arm - mixing Piscean symbolism with the fire of transformation.  I wouldn't generally associate this Queen with the sign of Pisces, and when I checked with a blogger whose astrological knowledge I respect (Alison of Alison's Alembic), she associates the Knight of Cups to Pisces.  Still, Pisces and Aries (which I associate with this Queen) do sit next to one another, so maybe it's one of those Golden Dawn decanate things...

That Greta Garbo association feels rather apropos today.  I mentioned a while back that I wasn't sure what to do in terms of blogging and maternity, but I've now come to a decision.  I'm going to withdraw a little: not as dramatically as Garbo did, but then, I'm not a famous movie star :D  So, some decisive change that will hopefully bring growth potential for me personally, and for this blog.  Recently, I haven't had time to answer comments, or to read other people's posts, and feel like I've barely been managing to post myself - not conducive to feeling creative or relaxed!

My plan is to drop to two posts a week, on Mondays and Fridays.  If the spirit moves me, I might post something on a Wednesday, too, we'll see.  And if there is no post on a Monday or Friday, odds are good that I've gone into labour, so wish me luck!

I am grateful for over three years of daily posts.


  1. A wonderful decision Chloe. After blogging daily for so long I can imagine it wasn't an easy one to take. I wish you well and enough rest for the coming time

    1. Thanks, Ellen! I hope this way, too, I'll have more time to read other people's blogs, which I've been missing. I was delighted to see you using Christine Jette's Tarot for All Seasons spreads - I did that a couple of years ago for a year. Haven't yet finished reading the post or commented though, but now I'll hopefully have time :D
      Hugs, Cxx

  2. I totally understand and support your posting decision!

    Oh, and as an Aries Pisces I can relate to the symbolism (but not the weird angry features). I have moon, mars, south node in Pisces. The Legacy of the Divine Tarot also mentions Aries with Pisces. Interesting!

    Well, lotsa love,

    1. Thanks, MM. It felt weird and yet also wonderful not to post today :)
      Yes, because they abutt, I guess there must be crossover. I'm getting quite interested in Pisces - it's not a sign I'd knowingly come across much before, but Baby 2 looks likely to be a Pisces, and then it turns out quite a few of my family members were, without me realising...

      Big hugs,

  3. I like this card, it's how I've seen Queen of Wands all along! ;) Look forward to reading your posts, no matter how often they pop up. I know what you mean, though. I have hardly read anyone else's blog, no answered comments on mine. It's all I can do to slap something up there more or less every day. Who knows what will happen when I start the new job.

    1. Thanks, Carla. Yes, I've already been enjoying having a little more time to read other people's blogs :) As for the Queen of Wands, remember, she has a light side, too! And I shall be waiting with baited breath to hear how the new job goes - not long now...