Monday, 10 February 2014

Lunatic Tarot Reading

Having decided to just post twice a week, my plan is to do a three card Body-Mind-Spirit reading on Mondays, for the week ahead.  This week, my deck of choice is the Lunatic Tarot, by Evan Yi Feng (published in China 2005, possibly available through the Tarot Garden).

Body:  On a physical level, the Fool says there is a world of opportunity open to us, and that wolf advises us to listen to our instincts.  Mind:  The Ace of Pentacles suggests there may be financial opportunities that we should think about, and reminds us to consider new choices in terms of food and exercise.  Spirit:  The Eight of Swords implies being spiritually limited by our own thoughts, tieing ourselves up in knots with our ideas of what we should and shouldn't do, or just with self-limiting beliefs.

To me, this reading speaks of considering new possibilities related to the body, and how my self-limiting beliefs might stop me from trying something.  It recommends being open to new ideas, and recognising where I am stuck in my thinking.  I'm expecting a new exercise DVD to arrive today, so that's certainly something to try out this week.  And perhaps I need to think about branching out - doing something new in terms of exercise.  I've been feeling a bit stale, a bit blah, about both Step DVD's and working out on the static bike, and I definitely don't want any Tabata-style workouts - far too high impact for my chronic shinsplints to cope with.  So, time to hop over to Collage Video and see if anything new and different jumps out at me. 

As for the Eight of Swords for my spirit, that could just be me dismissing new types of exercise because of my preconceived notions.  However, I wonder if it goes deeper than that.  I haven't been doing much lately on the spiritual side of my life, besides the occasional hypnobirthing meditation.  That's largely been because of limited time, but then, that just says that I don't give spirit as high a priority as I might.  Maybe I need to change that this week...

I am grateful for the reminder that being physically fit is important, but so is spiritual freedom.


  1. I hope you will find something to your liking but I can not help my self to say: the couch is a wonderful place to catch up with your spirituality and please don't strain yourself to much physically. (not meddling, just caring :))

    1. Ha ha, I love your "the couch is a wonderful place to catch up with your spirituality", Ellen :) Funny, I didn't even think that a new start physically might involve doing less, rather than something different. That is definitely my "exercise-junkie" blinkers at work!
      Thinking about how to influence the physical world, my mother is coming over this afternoon to try to encourage the baby to turn around, as he's currently breach - that might count, too :)