Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Marked By The Past

For this fourth day with the Bonefire Tarot (Gabrielle West, 2013) we have another Major, that's three out of four so far...

A woman looks up at us, mouth open as though taking a deep breath in.  Her skin is covered in tattoos, images of herself in the past, perhaps, as well as the bonefire symbol, a St. George's Cross (state badge of New South Wales, where the deck creator is from, as well as being the "English" flag - lol), and a six-pointed star.  Other symbols are also dotted around her: burning dice, a burning clock, a burning flower, a judge's gavel, some more red flowers, and a trumpet.

I like the idea of us being marked by our past, and yet still able to hear the clarion call of something new.  Able to throw the dice and see what life has to offer us now, and to embrace with passion the possibilities that arise from letting go of the old, even as it has shaped how we embrace the new.

That being marked by the past is something I'm very aware of, yet I do also try to embrace new possibilities.  It's interesting, I just received some books on hypnotherapy.  While I'm a trained psychotherapist, and that training will always be in my mind and approach, it's interesting to think about different ways to approach similar issues.  And the hypnotherapy side of things also dovetails nicely with the meditative and visualisation practices I have long embraced.  Something new for me, yet with a lot of history...

I am grateful for new opportunities that build on past experience.


  1. I think this is beautiful said. It is good blend knew experiences with former knowledge.
    I wish you good luck with it

    1. This deck is certainly bringing some interesting insights and different perspectives on the cards :) Thanks for the good luck wishes!