Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Safety Net

Aha, today we meet one of the Courts from the Bonefire Tarot (Gabrielle West, 2013): the Page of Swords.

The Pages in this deck are all shown as young women, which I personally like.  And this particular Page has gotten herself in a bit of bother.  She floats up above the ground, higher even than the kites around her, up amongst the branches of a tree.  Now, though, she has suddenly realised where she is, and looks down to see the drop beneath her.  She is exploring up above the humdrum of life, but she has no safety net and no plan for how she's going to get down again.

I can see in this both the idea of getting ourselves into trouble through speaking without thinking things through first, or in exploring ideas, perhaps taking them to the extreme.

It's funny, I've been thinking about phrasing and wording a lot, recently.  Partly because I've started reading a book on hypnotherapy called Wordweaving (The Quest Institute, 2003).  Partly, too, because I email so much, and as a "cold" form of communication I'm very aware of the pitfalls of what I write potentially being misinterpreted.  Hopefully, I am sufficiently careful. 

I also see in this card something I wrote an email about this morning: Big Boy's communication.  As he is non-verbal, it's always a bit tricky, yet I feel he can communicate far more than his Speach and Language Therapist gives him credit for.  Is that me understanding him better, him not communicating as well as he could, or something else? 

I am grateful that I can communicate with my son.


  1. Wordweaving: What a lovely verb. Speech is only one part of communication. There are many others, which people tend to forget since we have become such a swordy society.

    1. It is a lovely concept, isn't it? :) Though you are quite right, communication is so much more than just words. It's been funny being brought to that realisation with my son, having spoken four languages to him in the womb. Now, I'm having to learn his form of communication - good thing I like learning and communicating! :D

  2. "Now, I'm having to learn his form of communication"
    This is a lovely thought. What a beautiful thing discovered between two people, don't you think?

  3. Very cool interpretation of the Page of Swords. I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to interpret the courts. I'll have to look up the Wordweaving thing.