Monday, 10 March 2014

Anna K BMS

This isn't the deck I was intending to use this week. Still, it's a firm favourite, and more to the point one I could find in the chaos that is our post-move home.  The Anna K Tarot is now also available in a Llewellyn mass market edition (2013), but this is the second self-published version from 2010.

Body:  Ace of Swords.
  It's interesting, the way the young woman stands on this card, holding out a sword in front of her, yet also holding up her hand as though telling someone to stop.  It's like she is doubly fending people off.  Yet her cream dress and soft expression tell a different story, speaking of a willingness to open to new ideas and ways of communicating.  Although there may be a bit of defensiveness, a new perspective on our body is offered by this card.  And perhaps, a new way of communicating about it, to ourselves or with others. 

Mind:  Ten of Cups.  A woman stands in a field, wearing a blue dress.  Around her are arrayed ten cups, filled with water.  The sun shines brightly from directly behind the woman, and her expression is both radiant and peaceful.  While it doesn't show a traditional family, I love the suggestion that we may find emotional fulfillment from different sources, which all together create a loving, supportive network. 

Spirit:  Knight of Wands.  This mustachioed Knight is rather gung-ho, charging forward on a narrow cliff with his banner in front of him.  It seems to threaten to trip him up, and obscures his view of the terrain.  That flag he waves represents his beliefs, his hopes, and he holds tight to them, even though they may not always be appropriate to his situation.  Yet, they are an important part of him, so he can do no differently. 

Given my situation, I can't help but read these cards a little differently than I would for someone else or more generally.  In the Ace of Swords for the body, I see a new perspective, a new truth, in my body once more harbouring but a single soul.  After all, one way or the other this baby must come out this week.  I hope the sword doesn't indicate literal cutting: surgery.  To be honest, I'd more likely suspect that with the King if Swords, but we'll see. 

The Ten of Cups speaks of thinking about, and perhaps relying on, the support I have around me from family and friends, and seems a positive sign for a successful outcome.

Finally, the Knight of Wands speaks to me of standing up for what I want from this birth: a natural, joyful occasion rather than a highly medical one.  While I shan't let those beliefs get in the way of a healthy outcome, the other cards give me hope that the two don't have to be at cross-purposes.

I am grateful for the many different sources of support I have at this very important time.


  1. Every time I read a post from you I think: Not yet???
    This is a very exciting and transforming time for body mind and soul And again I wish you strength and health for both of you.

    1. Ha ha, every morning when I wake up, I think the same thing, Ellen! This morning I got a reflexology session to help move things along, and last night I ate another curry. Still no sign of movement - clearly I am a nice, comfy home :D
      Hugs to you, too! Cxx

  2. This reading feels so gentle Chloe. Because of the way Anna K illustrates each of her Aces with a woman, and thinking about your 'body' situation, I read the Ace of Swords as you bringing a real women's wisdom to your labour/birth. Birthing can be so medicalised nowadays that the woman's voice can be lost beneath doctors and 'recommendations' - here I see you communicating what you want, calmly asserting your own inner wisdom and the fact you know your own body.

    ..Just as you say for the Knight of Wands! Perhaps the Knight adds to the Ace, saying there may be points during your labour/birth where you need to be a little more gung-ho and demanding!

    The Ten of Cups says it all though. What a wonderful state of mind - to know you have all that support to lean on.

    Wishing you all the strength and good health when the time comes,

    Beth x

    1. I LOVE your reading of these cards, Beth! Thank you :)

      For the most part, I do manage to stick to feeling happy and supported, with only occasional nerves. And as I mentioned to Ellen, a friend offered me a reflexology session this morning - such kindness!

      Thanks for the good wishes!
      Chloë x

  3. Thinking about you and wishing you a safe and joyful birthing event. Blessings to you, baby and the whole family! <3 xxx