Monday, 3 March 2014

BMS with the Tarot of the Sacred Feminine

This week, I've picked another new release from Lo Scarabeo, the Tarot of the Sacred Feminine (2014).  The premise and artwork are somewhat reminiscent of Barbara Moore's Book of Shadows: As Above deck (Lo Scarabeo, 2012), but without such a steep learning curve, nor so many additional associations.

As for this week's reading, once again it offers us quite a nice cross-section of the deck: a Major, a Minor and a Court!

Body:  XVIII - The Moon.  The waxing, full and waning phases of the moon shine from the sky, echoed below by a young, adult and aged woman.  Around them is a misty night sky, and calm seas lapping a rocky shore.  This card speaks to me of the phases of life, both short and long term, and their associated uncertainties and mysteries.  What bodily changes are you experiencing?

Mind: Seven of Pentacles.  This is an interesting and rather different take on this card.  Two women dressed in rags push a wheel around a grindstone in an icy landscape.  Above them gleams the aurora borealis.  Without checking the LWB (and yes, it's one of the less impressive kind, with little reference to the card images), I imagine they are working to keep the seasons in their place and moving forward.  A hard, often unrewarding job, yet a necessary one that bears fruit in the long run.  How can you channel your thoughts productively this week?

Spirit: the Knight of Pentacles.  What a gorgeous card!  A woman's face stares out of the darkness, her brown hair parted over a forehead decorated with Celtic knotwork.  Beside her is a brown mare, with a crescent moon on her forehead.  This card makes me think of Rhiannon, though she is often described as blonde, with a white mount.  Still, after being falsely accused of killing her own child, she was made to carry visitors like a horse.  A hard and plodding physical task, well-suited to the Knight of Pentacles.  What physical task could you dedicate to spirit?

Having that Major at the start of the reading, followed by two Pentacles, really places the emphasis of this reading on the physical this week.  Which makes a lot of sense to me, as we're moving house over the next 3 days, with me just a week from my estimated due date to give birth.  Everyone has been telling me not to lift anything, to delegate and take things easy.  Things which I'm not very good at, as a rule.  Still, this reading emphasises that I need to respect the phase my body is in, and leave the hard work to my mind and spirit.

I am grateful for the reminder that life moves in cycles, which we need to honour.


  1. Great reading for this week. and with a deck. I would love to see more of. I like the questions you ask with every card which is helping to think about the cards a little bit longer.

    1. Yeesh, I forgot I'd left those questions in! They are something I write to differentiate my personal posts from those over on TABI's tarot blog ( I was in a rush this week, and so forgot to delete them. Still, it's true that those questions often influence how I respond to the cards personally, too :)

  2. Those are beautiful cards, and yes, we do need to honor the cycles of our bodies, minds, and spirits. I'm glad you didn't overdo it with the moving!

    1. It's been hard - so much I want to see done, but I'm not allowed to do a lot of it myself. Normally, I consider myself very strong and capable, but my Dear One has given me evil looks when I've even thought about lifting something :D It is finally coming together - hurray!