Monday, 31 March 2014

Petra K Tarot BMS

I first saw this beautiful, pastel tarot deck over on By the Sycamore Tree's blog, and wasn't 100% sure I liked it.  It's rather Thoth-based, and has some very unusual takes on cards.  Yet, the colours and images are amazing, and so I was drawn into it.  The Petra K Tarot is published by Piatnik, and is still readily available.

Body:  Temperance/Art

A mask-like face stares out at us from under a rainbow, with another rainbow pouring out from the chin.  An amethyst coloured crystal forms the forehead, and there are blue and orange gems above each eye, with the same colour echoed on the cheekbone below.  To one side is a beautiful white flower, and to the other a hummingbird.  To me, the rainbows speak of balancing our chakras, and also the paths between different realms: the spiritual and the material.  A connection to spirit helps us balance all these aspects. 

I sometimes see Temperance/Art as being about healing, other times more about balance.  Both of those ring true to me this week: I've had a nasty cough for two weeks now, and really need to do something about it.  Healing my body will bring more balance to all aspects of my life.

Mind:  Eight of Cups

Cups float in murky waters, yet there is a flame glowing from the uppermost cup, which is in a clearer space.  We need to leave behind troublesome, unclear emotions, and reach for something purer.  It's time to find the guiding light of pure emotion in the noise of our minds, to listen to that quiet inner voice.   

There is a lot of murky uncertainty in my mind right now, it's true.  My DO and I want some extra help, more for Big Boy/Brother than for the Little One.  However, we've had little luck finding that, and have been looking since November.  So, instead we thought to get an extra pair of hands in for the Little One, so we have more energy for his brother.  And having put up the ad ten days ago, have already found someone.  I'm in two minds, though.  I don't really want to give up any of my time with my sweet little baby, I'm enjoying carrying him and feeding him, being close to him 24/7.  To my mind, that's what these early days are all about.  Still, we do really need some help, as indicated by the fact that this cough has brought me down so hard.  So I feel I should accept the help, whatever form it comes in.  How we'll work around things I don't know, but this card tells me to keep clear what my highest intention is: to have our family life be a bit less stressful and a bit more joyful...

Spirit:  Death

A turquoise butterfly emerges from a scorpion, framed by a golden disc, a golden sun, and purple candles.  Rebirth and transformation come from death and pain.  The sting of emotions allow us to find our deepest truths. 

To grow spiritually, perhaps there is something I need to let go of.  My notion of what life "should" be like, most probably.  On a less general level, I see here the suggestion of endings: specifically being reborn into a spiritual practice.  I haven't meditated for nearly three weeks, best get to it.


  1. These are lovely cards. I have seen the box before but never the deck, I don't think.

    My first deck was the Rohrig, so decks in a similar flavour make me reminiscent of my early tarot days. I also think of the Ananda when looking at that 8 of Cups card. Beautifully soothing cards to look at today.

    The reading is interesting - that the idea of help is in the 'mind', which controls the heart here.

    A warm reading today. I feel really attracted to that deck. Look forward to your overview.

    1. Yes, I can see the similarity to the Rohrig and the Ananda. Overall, these are lovely cards. Will be interested to hear if you get tempted in - at least it's not on sale for silly prices :)

  2. "I need to let go of. My notion of what life "should" be like,"
    If we all could learn how to do that life would be so much easier
    Good luck with finding healing, balance and help

    1. Thanks, Ellen. I think I'm getting there, finding some clarity, and allowing myself to be helped, though it's still a bit of a struggle. But hey, if we're not struggling, we're not living, right?
      Hugs, Cxx