Friday, 7 March 2014

Tarot of the Sacred Feminine Overview

I'm in two minds about the Tarot of the Sacred Feminine (Lo Scarabeo, 2014).  On the one hand, I like both the premise and the artwork.  On the other, there are some pretty strange associations on some of the cards and the LWB is pretty useless.

Take the Empress, who is she?  Could be Hathor, could be Eve, or could be a generalised depiction of motherly plenty with her breasts spilling milk, her womb flowing with blood, and a child in her arms.  The LWB doesn't say...

As for the Queen of Pentacles, this normally earthy woman floats above a somewhat stormy sea, with an eagle by her side.  Above the float six golden eggs with a bright, jewel-blue one at the apex.  I guess I can see a recommendation to gather a nest egg, and hence use your resources wisely.  Still, she is not an obvious choice for the practical, nurturing Queen of Pents.

Moving to the Minors, things improve greatly.  I like a labris raised up towards a crescent moon as the Ace of Swords.  This double-edged blade is an ancient symbol of the Goddess.  Yet, it also represents well notions of cutting to the truth, speaking wisely, and of new ideas. 

Likewise, the Four of Swords with its sleeping warrior watched over by the Fates works well.  It portrays the idea of needing some downtime, whether to recover or in preparation.  And it reminds us of the power of external factors, and of our own ability to cope with what life throws at us, so long as we can rest.

While this isn't what I'd call a plug'n'play deck, easy to read straight out of the box, it clearly is RWS-based.  And it is one I feel would work well for spiritual readings, as well as repaying an intuitive approach.


  1. 'On the other, there are some pretty strange associations on some of the cards and the LWB is pretty useless.' This is my problem with just about every LoScarabeo deck. Plus I don't like the art work in most of them! It will be interesting to see what you make of this deck.

    1. You see, I quite like the freedom that Lo Scarabeo decks can give, and also the effort of finding connections with more traditional associations. Or even just the challenge of seeing the rigid ideas we can get into with cards... :)

    2. But we've already established how locked down I am with regard to tarot and Lennies (and pretty much everything!) compared to you. :) Which is why I like free-form throws and you like spreads--it sort of balances it out.

    3. Yes, it's funny how you go free-form, and I go for structure in spreads :D As you say, it balances out!