Monday, 21 April 2014

Goddess Tarot BMS

This week I pulled out an old deck, the Goddess Tarot (U.S. Games, 1998) by Kris Waldherr.  Truth to tell, I was trying to catch up on blogging and pulled these cards using the app, which is pretty good.  It doesn't have the open functionality of some apps - you can't create your own readings, just use the set ones provided.  Still, it's reasonably priced, as well as allowing you to journal about your draws...

Body - Eight of Staves (Wands)

Eight Wands fly through the air as though in formation.  Their tips point down, they are descending, approaching their goal.  Always being in a hurry can be deleterious to your health. 

Mind - Six of Staves (Wands)

A woman with a creamy golden dress rides a dun horse in a white dressage blanket.  She holds up a wand crowned with a red ribbon and a laurel wreath.  Around her are another five staves.  She looks happy with life, enjoying her success and with more potential around her.  As a card for the mind, this suggests taking time to think about what you have achieved.   

Spirit - Nine of Disks (Pentacles)

A beautiful Hindu lady with long black hair and a golden sari, stands in a lovely garden.  Around her are bushes on which large, golden disks are hung.  Behind her are dramatic mountains, and a white dove swoops down to her upraised hand.  There is so much peace and fulfillment here, yet it being the Nine of Pentacles suggest these come only after disciplined work.  Spiritual peace also takes work, often at a very physical level: such as practising yoga or working through the discomfort of seated meditation practices. 

Rather than things coming to a head, I see more a sense of movement in the Eight of Wands.  I've been trying to make a change in my way of eating, and this card suggests that it's working, even if I can't quite see it yet.  I connect that with some inspiration I gathered, and a new idea (or applying an old idea in a new context), from last week's Ace of Wands :)  The Six of Wands reminds me that believing I can be successful, and getting support, will both help with that.  Finally, the Nine of Pentacles promises a feeling of peace, and says that my efforts will be worthwhile.  I sure hope so :D


  1. What came to mind instantly was the spiritual peace after having delivered a beautiful boy :)
    I always am drawn to this deck but I've never actually bough it (yet)

  2. I like very much your readings as you make it so interesting, complete and inspiring, including body, mind and spirit. Beautiful deck :) and Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!