Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My Favourite Court Card

Many people find Court cards tricky to interpret, though Prince Lenormand talked about an interesting book on the subject in a recent post.  One of my favourite authors on this topic is Alison Cross, with her "This Game of Thrones" blog.  Two years ago, she asked me what my favourite court card was, and if you'd like to know the answer, why not pop on over here.  It was fun re-reading this a couple years down the line. 

My answer would still be the same.  How about you, which is your favourite court card?


  1. Hi Chloe, it has been ages since I kept up with other blogs, one of those disappearing times that goes on for months.

    I will put my vote in for the Queen of Swords. She gets a bad rap and is often misunderstood and painted as a crabby old you know what. It is my personal card so I like to stick up for her. It reminds me a bit of depicting the Empress as sweet Mother Earth dandling babies on her knee. She's an Empress for crying out loud, a ruler, an inspiration to her people, a leader, but somewhere these distasteful (and dumbed down) stereotypes start taking over archetypal imagery.

    So it is with the Queen of Swords. I tell you, if I needed someone by my side it would be her. She can cut through it all with reason and clarity, but has empathy because she is a Queen and cares about people, just not in a touchy-feely way. Yes okay she doesn't suffer fools gladly, but man, she has ideas. We need more ideas and exploration in the world.

    She is rather humorous, but in a subtle way. No jokes but word play. She laughs but it's more of a chuckle and then she picks up her book on philosophers of China and forgets you are in the room. Instead of bemoaning her supposed irritability, aloofness and lack of emotion, people should see her as an interesting example of someone who is self-assured, and secure in her thoughts, and ever keen to learn and command her intellect. Nothing wrong with that.

    But then, the stereotype rears up, rabbited once again in some "expert" book. Blah, blah, blah. Fie on that!

    I notice a trend of proselytizing experts taking over tarot. "Take my course and I will impart the secrets of the Universe." Or the ever popular "Add this and this up and it will give you the magic number that will open your life up."

    Opening your life up involves examining things like stupid stereotypes and realizing that an archetype is something different, something meaningful, not some reiterated bumph, not some jingoism.

    By jingo let's kill the Queen of Swords
    The nasty dictator snubs the hordes
    Skewering people and thinking she's a boon
    While reading literature and juggling test tubes
    Like a loon.

    Oooh, we can't be having smart, intellectual women in the world. Let's make an evil stereotype of her. Pshaw! Fie I tell you! We must counteract such nonsense!

    1. Hi woley, lovely to see you back!

      I wholeheartedly agree that the Queen of Swords often gets a bum rap. I wrote a post about it a couple years ago:

      I, too, am officially a Queen of Swords. And searching for that old post I also realised she is the Queen I've pulled most often on this blog :D I hate some of the depictions of her as an old harridan, and see her much as you do. Thanks for an excellent comment!

  2. I too was going to say the Queen of Swords. Does she get a bad rap? Such a shame, as I think she's the wisest and most loving of all the courts - all the more so for having seen and understood so much that is tough about life, processing her experiences, learning what she can and still holding out her hand to beckon in more.

    I would have to say it's tied with the Page of Wands though. I can't resist her sparky enthusiasm :D

    Beth x

    1. Hiya Beth, yes, there are some versions of her that are very negative - old and bitter-looking. And I've heard comments about her being a bitch. But I'm with you and woley, I generally like her energy :)

      My favourite, though, is the Page of Pentacles - what I aspire to, more than actually being, perhaps. I like the "give-it-a-go" practicality of that Page :D

  3. You know, I read this post this morning and thought about it throughout my day. I couldn't think who my favourite court is and I am still not entirely sure.

    On reflection (and process of elimination), I think it might be the Knight of Pentacles. Others can be a bit too sharp, a bit too bossy, a bit to immature, a bit too arrogant, a bit too self-indulgent. But through it all, the Knight of Pentacles continues to get on with the task at hand. He's not flashy or egotistical. But he is strong and dedicated and dependable. I never saw myself in this card until I began to 'finish' projects, which is why I appreciate his energy that bit more these days. He's a do-er, rather than someone who spouts off about doing things and doesn't actually ever get round to doing them. Yeah, I used to be like that.

    Thinking of the RWS, I always found the Knight of Wands (with his red hair) attractive (even though I am not into the bad boy, generally), but these days, in real life and the tarot, I've decided to settle with a man I can trust.

    1. Whoops, don't know how this disappeared off my radar. I always feel like I ought to like the Knight of Pentacles, yet he seems sooo dull. I like all the other Pentacles courts better than him. The Page is my fave, exploring and open. The Queen uses her resources wisely and is very grounded. The King can be a bit stodgy, but he does like his physical pleasures. While I see the Knight as being plodding. As you say, it's a good energy for finishing projects, but I just don't feel drawn to this energy. Perhaps, as you say, it's because you've had too much of the other Knights' energies in the past, so you respect him now... Thanks, PLN, it's always interesting to see what buttons these figures press in us :D