Monday, 28 April 2014

Neuzeit Tarot BMS

This week, I'm drawing from a rather busy, "New Age" deck with Thoth influences, the Neuzeit Tarot (AGMüller, 1982).  The LWB gives some rather bizarre meanings, and not much explanation of the images.  However, it is quite a fun deck, with a critical take on modern living.

Body - Knight of Swords

The Knights in this deck (well, the Court cards generally) are rather unusual, often being an amalgam of human and non-human.  However, this Knight is separate from his horse emblem.  Instead, there are a black and a white horse walking towards each other on the canopy over his head.  Meanwhile, the Knight holds up a large sword, while sitting in front of a book with esoteric symbols.  This card almost looks like a mash-up of the Magician and the Chariot.

Anyhow, what I take from this card is the idea that we need to wield our intellect with direction - no getting lost in web-based research, for example.  And he doesn't seem adverse to researching the kookier side of life, either.

Seems like maybe I need to read up on some health-related stuff this week.  It's interesting, I also have a couple of doctor's and osteopathic appointments, for myself and Little One.  So, this could suggest some insights gleaned from those.

Mind - Three of Swords

Three swords lie across quarters of colour - black, white, red and yellow. The pommels are round, smiley faces, while the blades are strange bodies, including breasts on the middle one.  Traditional meanings of heartache, and thoughts which cause us pain, aren't very obvious here, I must say.

Perhaps what can be read from this is that our thoughts can be extremely bizarre, unconnected with reality, causing us confusion and a feeling of discomfort.

I shall keep an eye out for ways in which my own thoughts are upsetting me, putting me off kilter.  Could this be that my reaction to the research I do will confuse me?  More research, then, maybe, rather than jumping on the first thing I find...

Spirit - Three of Pentacles

Three golden disks dominate the foreground.  Around them is a wooden structure with a roof and curved legs, and two faces peering out from either side.  Above that, what looks like a picture frame, with a nighttime and daytime version of the same mountain on either side. 

The act of creation, this seems to say, takes time and is best supported by structure, and possibly other people.  Although it doesn't obviously speak of teamwork, that could be read here, as well as other forms of support.

I can see where some support would help me with my spirituality this week.  My DH is going to a talk by a yoga guru on Tuesday.  It's lovely that we share this interest, and I hope he will bring new ideas back to share with me :)


  1. I am sorry to hear you have to see the doctor for yourself and LO. I do hope it isn't too serious. (((Chloe)))
    I have to get used to this deck. It is not one I fall for right away

    1. I have to admit, I can't imagine it becoming a favourite. Still, I like using different decks, seeing where they take me :)
      As for the appointment, it's tomorrow, and hopefully will bring some reassurance...

  2. I see a bit of the High Priestess in the Knight of Swords as well! Very interesting! It's nice that you and your husband share yoga :) I like the spread, I'll have to try it… perhaps right now :-D

    1. Interesting, Olivia, I hadn't thought of the High Priestess, but I can see it now you mention it... Yes, it is lovely to share yoga, though he didn't end up going to the talk due to a tube strike. As for the spread, it's an oldie but a goodie :D