Friday, 4 April 2014

Petra K Tarot Overview

I still have strangely mixed feelings about this deck, the Petra K Tarot (Piatnik).  Some of the cards just don't make sense to me, others fascinate me, and all are definitely beautiful.  So, let's take a closer look at a cross-section of the cards.

The Star card is one that is generally joyful and beautiful, and Petra K's version is no exception.  It is unusual, though, in having a palm-tree-like trunk rising up, with a naked woman in an extreme backbend at the top, haloed by a six-pointed star.  The colours are warm and joyful, the idea of vulnerability is definitely there, and yet also a sense of dedication and enlightenment.  While not a typical take on the card, and without such a clear sense of external guidance, it is still quite readable, I think.

The Knight of Disks is far less typical still.  The Knight's helmet is a lovely gold, and he seems supported by brown rocks, which are appropriate to the earthiness of his suit.  Yet, he needs that support as his head appears to be floating on a pool of water, with a purple sky in the background.  This is a rather watery image for this normally down-to-earth chap, and suggests more wisdom coming from emotional depths than the practical stolidness I associate with this archetype.

Likewise, the Ace of Disks is very beautiful.  The colours are warm, full of reds, golds, greens and browns, with a tree below a golden disk, and red leaves above.  And yet, the whole thing appears as though reflected in water, swimming uncertainly across the card's surface.  The sense of a seed planted that can grow into something material is there, but the wateriness of the Knight is there, too, detracting from the groundedness and practicality of the card.  It is more like the dream of material possibilities, rather than the possibilities themselves.

I do adore the last card drawn, though, the Two of Cups.  The warm peach of the bowls of the cups suggests a loving energy, and contrasts nicely with the watery turquoise around them.  Altogether, the card has a feeling of coming together in unity and difference both, with love and clarity of communication - lovely!

I'm not sure I'd use this as a regular reading deck.  It's one that is more about getting to know the deck and how you respond to it than being a "plug'n'play" type.  Yet, the beauty of the imagery would certainly make it a joy to spend some time with...


  1. I love the imagery but for me would be to foreign to read with. I've tried to read with Thoth like decks, but I don't "feel" them as much as RW decks

    1. Overall, I prefer RW decks, though sometimes I enjoy off-the-wall decks where I can let my intuition run wild. And pip cards can be good for that, too. Overall, for me this deck doesn't have quite enough symbolism for wild intuition, nor enough tradition to do without. So, like you, it won't be one of my regular reading decks :)