Monday, 7 April 2014

Spirit of Flowers Tarot BMS

I ordered this Lo Scarabeo deck, the Spirit of Flowers Tarot (2014) because I thought it looked cute.  I am often a fan of Antonella Castelli's artwork, and Laura Tan has authored a number of good decks. Unfortunately, this is one of those Lo Scarabeo decks that gives the company a bad name.

The LWB gives meanings for all the flowers on the cards, and for the cards, which seem barely related to each other, and not at all to traditional meanings.  For example, for the Two of Pentacles we have:
"Calendula.  In the language of flowers: relief from worries.
Difficulties, obstacles, emotions, worries, anxiety, fears, delays, debt, bills of exchange."

On top of that, all the cards basically have a flower and a little fairy on them.  A lot of these give little or no symbolic or postural clues to the card's meaning.  So, I will basically read them using numerological and suit associations, or based on traditional meanings.

Body - Two of Chalices - What kind of partnership do you have with your body?

Mind - The Tower - Which of your thoughts could do with shaking up?

Spirit - Two of Pentacles - How might you prioritise your spiritual needs this week?

What I take from this reading is that I need to find a sense of love towards my body this week.  Having a mirror in the space where I work out has been useful to assess my form when exercising.  However, as numerous studies have shown, it's not great for my self-esteem/body-image.  These negative thoughts about myself are doing me no favours, and I need to find a balance between the practical and what feeds my soul.


  1. You should be gentle with yourself and the whole body image thing. You've just given birth!!! Give it some time :)

    1. I'll admit, my Dear One said almost exactly the same thing. As I say, working out in front of a mirror really doesn't help - very few people look good when they're sweaty and pink :) So, I shall try to be gentle and accepting of myself. Hugs, Cxx

  2. I've rarely bought a LoScarabeo deck that I've kept. I have just about weaned myself off them entirely. I just don't like them, for all the reasons you mention!

    Please, there is no way you don't look great. Stop being mean to yourself.

    1. I have quite a few Lo Scarabeo decks I adore - the Fey Tarot being top of that list, followed by the Wheel of the Year Tarot. And there are plenty of others that I find very readable, or interesting (like the Marseille Cats Tarot or the Tarot of Jane Austen). However, this is definitely not in any of those categories :(

      As for being mean, I see it as being realistic - I don't look particularly good when hot and sweaty, and I could do with losing a few pounds. However, the point about working out with mirrors also stands - few people do well with that.