Monday, 26 May 2014

Bright Ideas Deck BMS

Mark McElroy's Bright Idea Deck (Llewellyn, 2005) is purposely not titled a tarot, though it is one.  Aimed at the business market and people interested in self-development, but who may not appreciate spiritual symbolism, it is a fun and readable deck.

Body - 0 Freedom (The Fool)

There's a lovely mix of symbolism here: the cosmic egg from the Thoth, the dog from the RWS, a jester's wand, an hourglass, and an empty book.  Here we have the freedom to grow an idea, trusting our intuition, un pressured by time, with creative freedom and the encouragement to say or do what we really feel.

Last week, I went to a party where I saw a friend who now lives abroad, who I hadn't seen for nearly a year.  He poked me in the podge that currently bulges out at my waist, and asked me how the yoga was going.  Besides being a rude b***ard, he is right.  I've put on weight with being pregnant and now breastfeeding a new baby.  Partly, I know it's natural and common, and partly that when I start getting more sleep and having more time to exercise, things should improve.  Still, it's also true I've been eating badly, mainly after dinner when I'm tired. This card suggests making a creative new start, and I'm reminded how I started knitting after dinner a few years ago to keep my hands occupied.  So, I've cast-on a new project, and hope it'll help :)

Mind - Feeling of Water - Instinct (Queen of Cups)

One of the biggest changes to this deck is found in the Courts, as can be seen here.  This is a very practical approach to take with these cards that are often considered tricky.  Kings become Controlling, Queens become Feeling, Knights become Doing, and Pages become Learning.  So, the Queen of Cups is the Feeling of Feeling, in some ways.  The image is somewhat strange - a woman in skateboarding gear on a tightrope, and a guy in a business suit and blindfold in front of her on the wire.  Perhaps it says that, no matter what your situation, whether at work or play, you need to bring your intuition to the fore, to trust your sense of where you are going.  That can be supported by your rational take on things, but in the last instance the choice comes down to your intuition.

A friend recently said something about me being more "watery" than I think, because of my intuition.  Yet, sometimes I wonder how much intuition is to do with emotions, and how much to do with subconscious mental processes - we pick up on so many things without even realising that we do.  In any case, for this week the card seems to suggest that I trust my instincts, wherever they come from.  And perhaps apply my intuition to assessing my thoughts - is this real?  What does my gut say?

Spirit - Four of Water - Restlessness

I think this is a rather lovely depiction of the Four of Cups.  The little boy wants to go out into deep water, yet his mother first wants him to understand the dangers and what he can do to keep himself safe.  It's a balancing act, staying safe yet also following our heart.

I've been feeling a little restless like this.  I'd like to have more time to meditate, to read the cards, to chant.  Yet, I need to prioritise my little one right now, as he is utterly dependent on me.  So, perhaps I shall stay restless a little while longer...


  1. Enjoy the knitting!
    I pick up mu needles when I bite my nail too much. Works great!
    My guess: when you are communicating with your higher Self (intuition) our mind and emotions are meeting eachother in our belly: BMS alignment :D

    1. Cool that the knitting works for you to stop you biting your nails :)
      And yes, that sounds pretty reasonable - mind and emotions communicating with the higher self and meeting in the belly. It's interesting, as I've been thinking about this as the Chakra Wisdom Cards put the Intellect in the solar plexus, which I associate more with the belly and digesting emotion. Yet, I did read something about neurons being found in the gut!