Monday, 19 May 2014

Celtic Fairies BMS

This week, I pulled out another deck that's been in my collection since it was first published, the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies (Lo Scarabeo, 2010).  I love the subject :D  And the author, Mark McElroy, has written some really great tarot books.  I loved his first tarot, too: the Bright Idea Deck (Llewellyn, 2005), though checking I realise I've never blogged with it, either!

Body - Nine of Spears (Wands)

Straight off, I see here Nuada Airgetlam, a King who lost hi arm and had it replaced with a silver one.  However, being "damaged" he was no longer considered fit to rule.  This seems to fit the Nine of Wands idea of pushing through tiredness or injury, though looking in the companion book the focus is on Dianceht, the healer who provides the replacement silver limb.

For me, it's not an injury as such that I see, but rather my baby and the fact I breastfeed him.  I have a business trip this week, and am not yet sure how it'll work out.  Will I have to miss chunks of the meetings, even though I can feed perfectly discreetly (I've got a great system, between discreet nursing tops and a large scarf tied with a brooch)?  Or can I convince others that breastfeeding is no reason for me to leave the room?  We'll see...

Mind - Three of Swords

What I saw here was the myth of the Twelve Wild Swans, which certainly involves some heaetache and much upset caused by false ideas.  However, the companion book cites the story of the fairy King Midar, who fell in love with a married human woman - doubly inappropriate!  He cast a spell on them both to become swans, so they could be together.  It didn't let them be themselves, though, so eventually he reversed the enchantment and bid his human love goodbye.

Certainly, I may regret not making the most of this business opportunity, but I think I've done all I can to work around the situation practically.  What remains, I guess, is thinking of how to persuade others of that...

Spirit - Eight of Cauldrons (Cups)

Here we have a brownie leaving the house where he has faithfully toiled because the woman has offered him clothing.  I guess having a naked fae doing the dishes could be a bit distracting ;)  The companion book says of this card that it's time to leave a situation where we are not being offered what we want.  Not that there's nothing on offer, just that it isn't what our heart desires at this time.

This feels pretty important to me.  I've been worrying about what these business contacts will think when the Celtic Lenormand is published, outing me as a weirdo cartomant.  This card reminds me that if they don't like who I am, it would be their loss if I left.  That I need to stay true to myself, else I will not be happy.  This is also true on a more immediate level: I believe breastfeeding is a good thing to do, and I know that I am discreet with it, so if they don't like it, that's also their problem.


  1. Although not the most positive set of cards, I Think the message of standing up for yourself and what you believe to be important is very clear. The fact that you read this and not some pitiful message says to me you are already in this state of mind
    Good for you!!!

    1. You're so right, Ellen! The way we read cards already shows so much of our state of mind :) It was interesting, I actually got to see the softer side of lots of these business men, as they went all gooey at seeing a new baby ;)

  2. I have just acquired this deck as a swap and am delighted with it!
    I am also delighted to see you get such a strong reading with it!
    My daughter has three little ones, 4, 2, and 1 and is also MD of her own company. Before she set up her own company she was hired by an American company to set up offices for them in Ireland, but before that could happen she needed to go to intensive meetings and training in the States. She set off with a breast feeding baby and fed, discreetly at meetings and trainings. It was not approved of and she subsequently lost the job and subsequent to that, set up her own business which is in competition to the American company and her business is doing really well, which she, for the most part, runs from an office in her home and all her sales and operational staff also work, for the most part, from home. Her company has maternity/breast feeding policies that are top of the range!!! So, sticking to your beliefs can have interesting results!! Of course, sometimes discretion can also be the better part of valour! Intuition and scoping the situation can be great attributes in cases like these! Good luck on your journey of feminine abundance!

    We have come a long way. My Granny, who was born in the 1880's, had to wait for her husband to come home and take her for a walk in the dusk, when she was pregnant. She thought it was the most wonderful thing to see sales girls still working and we must continue the good work, which must be made easier with the help of the Fae! Thank you for your blog! It is terrific!

    1. That is so inspiring, Cat! Well done your daughter for not only doing what she felt was right, but managing to create her own company and succeed in the face of a big, rigid corporation.

      These meetings were in Germany, and I was surprised at how positively I was treated, overall. I was very discreet with my feeding, and sometimes left the room. But I think my little one was in the meetings at least half the time - the rest of the time I thought if he was awake he'd have more fun playing outside :)

  3. I have this deck too. Interestingly, I did the Mr. Silverhand not too long ago with the Celtic Tarot (he's on The Chariot in that deck.) He gets around!

    And he did come back to rule eventually when he got his silver arm--they realized they'd made a mistake barring him from leadership, and were happy to bring him back for another 20 years.

    My thought--if you are a leader (and you clearly are) the people at your meeting will realize that, and your value, regardless.

    1. Hee hee, Mr. Silverhand, yes he does get around. Which Celtic Tarot is that, woley? And yes, I remember reading that - he fought through, and was so good they made an exception for him. That's certainly not my case, but it was nice that people were much more accepting than I expected :)