Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sacred India Tarot Overview

This deck, the Sacred India Tarot (Yogi Impressions, 2011), is both beautiful and interesting.  Even the packaging it arrived in shows wonderful attention to detail, as you can see in the collage to the side.  It comes with a regular paperback-sized companion book of 327 pages, in a cardboard box, with an image from one of the four extra cards as an insert to hold the deck itself, also in a tuck box.

The book is full of detailed information on the cards and their related stories, as well as on various concepts in Indian mythology and culture.  For example, there are about five pages devoted to the concept of karma.  Each suit follows a particular story: Disks (Pentacles) are The Life of Buddha; Lotuses (Cups) are The Union of Shiva and Parvati; Staves (Wands) are The Legend of Rama; and Arrows (Swords) are The Epic Battle of Mahabharata.

For each card there are suit and card kattva's, a "revelation" explaining the story of the mythological figure chosen, Light and Shadow sections for interpreting the card in a reading, notes on its karma type and quality, and an "Insight of the card".  Some cards, from both the Majors and Minors, also have an associated mantra.

So, the Lovers shows Kacha and Devyani, who were lesser deities, devas.  There was a rivalry between two groups of devas, and Kacha went to study with Devyani's father to learn the secret of resurrection so that his group could become immortal.  At one point, Kacha had to make some difficult choices, and it is largely for this that the myth was chosen, as both the Light and Shadow sections start with the works "Hard choices have to be made..."  The author also quotes the Katha Upanishad: "The good is one thing; the pleasant is another."

In an interesting twist, all the Pages are dual figures.  The Pages of Staves are the Ashwini Kumaras, twin hero-gods who heal karma and "hurtle through the cosmos in a dizzying effervescence of joy".  Thus, while not traditional in their imagery, certainly the concepts behind the cards connect with normal tarot notions.

The deck also has four additional cards: two versions each of Death and the World, and two additional "Blessings" cards: the Blessing of Babaji and the Blessing of Ganesha.

Altogether, the cards can be read according to traditional meanings, yet there is a lot of additional depth here.  The companion book makes for interesting reading, adding a lot of insights.  The artwork is wonderful, and the cards would also be excellent for meditation or pathworking.


  1. I've wanted this deck for a while and have ordered it. I wonder if it has arrived yet...(I have parcels posted to my work address and have been away on holiday...)

    1. Did you end up keeping this deck, after all your culls?... :)

  2. Please Where I' can buy this cards in Brasil? I'll go to Delhi in December, Can I buy there?

    1. Hi Sandra, I'm afraid I don't know if you can buy these cards in Brasil. I'm pretty sure they will be available in Delhi, but I have no idea where. I ordered mine through amazon. Maybe any good bookstore will have them, I don't know. I've never been to Delhi, hope you have a great time :)