Friday, 9 May 2014

Sweet Twilight Overview

The Tarot of the Sweet Twilight (Lo Scarabeo, 2009) is a delightful, quirky deck.  It has a lot of reds and greens in it's palette, somewhat dulled, and yet vibrant.  The colours add to the surreal feel of the cards.  Although most cards can be read fairly traditionally, there is also a lot of detail and variety for more intuitive readings.

For instance, in this Wheel card, there is the traditional wheel, even labelled Wheel of Fortune.  And there are designs drawn on it, like on the wheels spun on game-shows.  Yet, there is also that tree, which seems to hold the wheel, and a little girl with bunny ears playing on the tree.  To me, this suggests that life is a crazy roundabout, but it's better to approach it with child-like innocence, no matter what the universe throws at us :)

The Queen of Cups has her traditional cup with a lid - very RWS.  And yet, once again, there is so much more to the card.  There are the flowers which are also constellations and the moon.  There is the mirror that reflects the back of her head and her crown: emotions reflecting our thoughts?  And there is the strange thing in her mouth.  Looking at it more closely, for the first time, I think it is a necklace of small shells.  Perhaps she is fiddling with it, chewing on it as she tries to get a handle on her feelings.  Or perhaps she is "tasting" the emotions.  Or maybe it could, in a given context, suggest emotional eating.  A wealth of interesting possibilities.

Looking at the Ace of Cups, it adds a rather grim element to a normally joyful card, with a skull on the chalice.  On the other hand, we could take this as an existential reminder of the brevity of life, and a call to not just dip our toes into the emotions of life, daydreaming about what could be.

The Eight of Pentacles has a school-girl element to her, and an incomplete pentacle on her cheek, suggesting the normal apprentice ideas.  Then again, she is lazing around, with a monkey behind her.  Focus on the practical, rather than letting the monkey mind distract you?  Get back to work, or the monkey will get you?  The pentacles are scattered all about: look at what is available to you, then work to achieve it?

I love this deck, with its unusual colouring and zany characters.  I feel it allows for quick and easy readings, but invites you in to play and explore, uncovering out-of-the-box interpretations.  Altogether, it's a jewel!


  1. My friend bought me this for my birthday and I think the artwork is beautiful. The only thing which bothered me was how it had mimicked the Tarot of the Witches in it's majors. I hadn't noticed until I bought it, continually thinking 'I've seen that somewhere before'. I know this happens with the RWS all the time, but it felt a bit, too close to Fergus Hall's artwork, in style, rather than substance. Gorgeous deck though.

    1. Interesting, I hadn't noticed that about the Majors, as the Fergus Hall is not a deck I have or particularly want. From the images I can see online, I don't see the similarity, but I'll take your word for it :) As you say, imitation is frequent in the tarot world...