Monday, 16 June 2014

Amanda Palmer Tarot Reading

This week, I'll be drawing from the Amanada Palmer Tarot (1990 Ink, 2013).  This is an interesting collaborative deck, but I'll leave the details til Friday, and just dive into the reading.

Situation - XV - The Devil

Card by Clark Huggins: Amanda Palmer, replete with red devil's tail, dances atop the intoxicated bodies of a man and woman.  Above her revolves a circle of flames, like a circus hoop for these people to jump through, or a circle of lighters held up by adoring fans.  A reminder that often we jump through hoops because of our aspirations, rather than because someone "makes us".

Don't - Ace of Cups

Card by Braden Nesin: A man sits in what looks like an urban American alleyway.  He looks out of place in the alley, sitting at a round, pine table and wearing a tux and a black face mask.  A red rose graces his buttonhole and he holds up a glass of red wine, completing the image of a strange, romantic gesture.

Do - X - The Wheel of Fortune

Card by Amelie Marandet: Oh, what a fabulous image for the Wheel of Fortune.  Lady Fortuna appears at the top, a pair of dice in one hand, a pair of scissors in the other, ready to cut whatever threads the dice decree.  Four images of what is presumably Amanda Palmer ride around the Wheel.  I especially love the one in the bottom left, who is being lifted by a crowd of hands - Amanda crowd surfing on her way up the Wheel!

For me, this reading is once again about health and poor eating.  This is a message I tend to see in the Devil, given that I often say my only vice is chocolate.  Just last week, I bought a Kindle book (just £2.63!) on Tapping for Weight Loss and Body Confidence (Hay House, 2014).  It's funny, the book's blurb talks about how much our issues around our body are to do with emotions, and here the reading says not to get all gushy about emotion, but to let the Wheel of Fate spin.  It reminds me that part of the idea of tapping is to bring about change without sinking into emotion.  Some forms of therapy recommend catharsis, plunging into emotion to "get it out".  However, some recent studies suggest that, in line with New Age ideas about getting what you think about, catharsis may actually strengthen emotional patterns, rather than weakening them.

This week, then, I shall change the script I've been using while tapping, and see if that helps change where I feel stuck and trapped...


  1. What a lovely deck. Although many artists have contributed their art these three cards feel like they belong together.
    Body issues? Don't;we all have them. For me it works the best if I take it day by day. Today I have exercised and I am proud. no guilty feeling about last week and no worries for the next. Whenever you eat something healthy celebrate and be
    I wish you lots of proud moments

    1. The advice to take it day-by-day, moment-by-moment, and to celebrate small successes is good. Thank you, Ellen!
      Glad you exercised, and hugs to you, too :)

  2. I'm so excited you're reading with this deck Chloe! My ex, David, illustrated The Hermit, I keep meaning to pop round and check out the deck the publisher sent him!

    This has reminded me to do so.

    Here's The Hermit before it was submitted. I'm proud to say I did some of the cross-hatching on the tree trunks :D

    What an intriguing Ace of Cups, I wonder what the thinking was behind that. I like your take that the spread is telling you not to get gushy, and to accept what you can't control. On the other hand The Devil suggests that something that has been making you feel helpless is in fact *within* your control? Just a short blog, but it's left me wondering...

    Looking forward to Friday's post!

    Beth xx

  3. Oops I forgot the link I meant to post to David's illustration:

    1. Thanks for the link and the comment, Beth. Lovely illustration of the Hermit!

      And yes, I know these things are really under my control, yet the call of chocolate is strong. I hope to find things that help me with that, or make it unnecessary - the Wheel suggests a total change of focus... :)

  4. Wow! Intense images. Sexy too! Hah. I think your reading is excellent. I am wishing you luck with the new tapping regime. I have a friend who swears by it. Xxxoo

    1. Hi MM,
      I feel good about the tapping, so far. Wish I had a bit more time for it, but it sure helped giving birth...
      Hugs, Cxx

  5. What an interesting deck. I hope the tapping helps you, I find tapping (for a different reason) helps me. ^_^

    1. Hi Helen,
      Always good to hear tapping is helping, in whatever way. I used it for my birth, which went very smoothly, but this is a more engrained problem... Still, I'll give it time, and am at least feeling less stressy :)