Friday, 13 June 2014

Awakening Aeon Tarot Overview

The Awakening Aeon Tarot (Blue Sky Ranch, 2013) is a rather interesting Thoth-based deck.  The artwork is very mixed media, with a textured, shiny feel to it.  The colours are beautiful, and the imagery and symbolism are abstract, yet speak quite clearly. 

In terms of additional associations, each card offers Chinese hexagrams, a system I'll admit I've never gotten my head around.  Likewise, the companion book offers very short, poetic descriptions of the cards, sometimes only a line or two long.  These are not always very "traditional".  For instance, the Ten of Wands says: Give form to your knowledge that it may be understood as wisdom.  Others, though brief and different, still seem connected with traditional meanings.  The Three of Wands says this, and no more: Motion begets either creativity or chaos.

Turning to the cards, I like the golden awning on the Chariot, and the earthy colours around it.  The figure himself is a warm, glowing, energetic gold colour.  His horses, too, are golden, yet surrounded by very different colours, and each trying to pull in the exact opposite direction to the other.  A character who is full of energy, trying to move forward in the face of the variety of obstacles life throws at us, including our own disparate nature.

The Court cards, too, are very interesting.  For one thing, they get the longest write-ups of any of the cards in the companion book - longer even than the Majors!  They echo the most frequent adaptation of the Thoth, keeping the Princess and Prince, but swapping the ever-confusing Knight for the King.  The colour schemes are quite interesting, as we see here with the Princess of Swords, decked out in yellow and green.  She has a sword in her hand, and a green mask over her eyes.  Do we see more or less when we look with the eyes of our mind?

The Ace of Cups has amazing texture to it, a wash of turquoise and blue that seems to form shards between a regular base and the bowl part of a cup.  It feels more like an extension, an explosion, of a cup, rather than like water pouring out.  It makes me think of the idea that all emotion comes from the same source, simply refracted through different lenses, shaped by the containers that hold it.

The Four of Cups shows us a deeper colour, and yet the four cups are separated by lines found in all the fours.  Separation creates stagnation, yet if we can move beyond it we can reach the last line offered by the companion book for this card: Happiness comes through unconditional love flowing both from and to you.

This is not a deck for everyone.  The companion book does not make for simple interpretations, and is more spiritual and psychological than practical.  As for the images, they defy traditional symbolism, and are of the semi-illustrated kind which not all readers get on with.  Yet, the deck is very beautiful, and will repay the attention paid it.


  1. For some reason I quite like the look of this. Maybe because it's Thothy.

    1. It is an attractice, interesting deck. I can show you it in person next weekend :D