Monday, 9 June 2014

Awakening Aeon Tarot Reading

This week, I decided to do something a bit different.  Instead of the Body-Mind-Spirit reading, I did a Situation-Don't-Do reading.  And the deck is one that I got a while back, but hadn't even unwrapped with all the craziness of moving and having a baby.  As you can probably guess from the name, Awakening Aeon Tarot (Blue Sky Ranch, 2013), it is based on the Thoth.  The images seem to be made from collages - they have a really textured, three-dimensional feel to them.

First thing I notice is that it's a Majors-only reading, though the deck has the full 78, plus four extras...

Situation - The Emperor

The Emperor's face looks out from amongst a variety of boxes.  There is a very 'square' feel to the card, and the dominant colour is red.  Red for passion, but also red for the root chakra, connected to grounding and 'being in the world'.  It's a down-to-earth energy, yet one which is highly organised, and perhaps limiting...

My sense from this is that I may feel a bit boxed in this week, restricted by the structures and responsibilities I have created and taken on.  Or maybe I'll manage to organise things so I can do some of the work I want to do...

Don't - Justice

The cool blues of this card suggest communicating, and emotion, despite the card being about order and balance.  Perhaps this is about communicating to achieve fairness so that all emotions are honoured...  However, in this position it seems to say that we may not be able to achieve a fair balance for all this week!

For me, I guess this means I need to weigh up my priorities, and decide what matters most, then get on and do that.  I won't be able to be 'fair' to all the aspects of my life I'd like to include, so some paring down needs to be done.

Do - Strength

Here, a mix of gold, purple and grey.  The colours suggest enlightenment and wisdom, and the need for a calm background to achieve those.  As to the image, a shiny woman sits on a scribbled lion.  Energy may be quite raw, and wisdom is faceless: we can draw on that base energy, and apply it in a way that is good for all, rather than just for a single individul.

Instead of doing everything, I should make sure that what I do is good for all, not just for myself.  I may need to draw on my inner reserves, on the energy that comes from the body and from my drives and impulses.  Then, it's a question of applying it for a more general good.  I think this advises me to keep up my exercise, as that helps give me strength and energy for other things, but to then devote the rest of my time to projects that are needed for others, as well as myself.  What is for the greater good?


  1. I like this spread! Simple and direct. I hope you can find this primal inner strength to have enough energy for the coming week

    1. Thanks, Ellen. This is probably the three-card spread I use most often :) And yes, it's been a busy week so far, but I feel I'm coping okay. Nice to see your new colour scheme, and glad you're prioritising sketching over housekeeping ;D

  2. I imagine you have a lot of work and little time, but it would be good that you are strong and with "full charged batteries" first of all and that way you'll be perfect for the other things :) Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!

    1. Hi Las Magas, con un toque de inspiración se puede con todo :) Yes, I feel reasonably strong, and though I'm not always great at prioritising, I'm getting there! Milles de estrellitas!

  3. :) Todo es cuestión de tiempo, todo va a ir bien! Te mando un beso grande!!!!! Ah! I like very much your spread, I'll try it.

    1. A ver si esta vida nos basta para ciertas lecciones ;) Hope you enjoy the spread when you try it!