Monday, 2 June 2014

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards BMS

This week, I'll be using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards (Watkins Publishing, 2014).  I liked the idea of a deck based around the chakras, and have previously seen some of Tori Hartman's stories, the fable-esque nature of which I enjoyed.  While the companion book suggests a number of spreads for this deck, I decided to still use my traditional Body-Mind-Spirit spread, and see how the chakras played into those categories.

Body - Despondence (Sixth Chakra)

Interestingly, although this is a card of the sixth chakra (at the third eye), it jibes nicely with the body, at least in terms of the image and the key phrase.  We see a woman with the earth at the centre of her body, a Gaia figure.  To one side is a rather sad and grumpy looking woman in purple, a clue that she is officially the main character on the card, which has a purple border.

The key phrase given is: "By taking action, I found the way out."  The little fable reminds us that often, by helping others, we can refind our joy in life.  It reminds me of a post on service by Tierney Sadler recently, in which she states that service is not about what we do, but about the attitude with which we do it.  Despondence is unlikely to hold up in the face of acting to help others. 

Although I know the figure to the right is intended as the main character, my intuitive reading of this card for myself centres around the Gaia figure.  She is a mother figure, yet seems to be tearing her hair out, and I can really relate to that!  Last week was a little tough, being half term.  At one level, I feel I have all this creativity inside of me, but no time to express it.  And at another level I feel like a fat mother, rather than a creative goddess.  I hope this week I'll have a little time to remedy both of those - time to workout, and time to do some work that isn't related to nappies, babies, or six year olds!

Mind - Release (Seventh Chakra)

A woman stands in a graveyard, with rain falling around her.  In the background, the sun breaks through the clouds.  This suggests to me the need to let go of something before being able to move on.  In terms of the mind, that says that sometimes we need to prune our ideas, freeing up our mind to think outside of the box.

It's funny, this leads on nicely from the previous card.  I need to let go of my expectations of myself, then I may actually get more done, or at least feel better about what I do get done...

Spirit - Recovery (Sixth Chakra)

At a spiritual level, this card suggests the need to unlock something.  The key floating, as though offered by the spirit, seems to say that we have all we need to set ourselves free, if we can just see what is right in front of us.  Whether it be having the tools to recover pieces of ourselves from the past, or to let go of the past by unlocking a new door, I like the feel of this card.

Over the weekend, I took some time to do more personal readings, and it felt really good and helpful.  Part of recovering my sense of myself is to do the things that I love, without worrying about how much I'm getting done within a certain timeframe.  Taking time to honour the more spiritual side is important, too, no matter what the other pressures on me!


  1. Quite a balanced positive reading. Each time I am amazed how the cards speak to our deepest knowledge of what is good for ourselves. They seem to trigger a wisdom which we are not able to grasp any other way.
    I do hope you can find these snippets of time to nourish yourself spiritually

    1. I sometimes think it is just that we make the time to read the cards, and ponder them. If we took the time to ponder life with some other trigger, we would also touch that wisdom. Still, I do love the way cards talk with us, it feels very special to me. Something about the visual cues, that touches us beyond the adult, thinking mind. For me, astrology and runes don't reach the same place, despite also being methods of divination, because they stay too cerebral... though that may just be me :D

    2. I have this experience also with non illustrated pips

    3. Yes, I love semi-illustrated pips, but struggle more with non-illustrated pips, just not enough for my creative self to connect with :)

  2. AH - you already have this deck! I should have known. I've been sent a review copy and can't get on with it at all, so was thinking of offering it to you!

    Good to see what you're making of it Chloe. I really like your comments on the 'Despondence' card. "At one level, I feel I have all this creativity inside of me, but no time to express it." ...this resonates very strongly for me, regularly! I like how this card reminds us to simply *do something*.

    1. Ha ha, I don't know how they're going to make any money, with all the review copies they're giving out. Carla and Lisa and I all got review copies, too :) I guess, though, that there are more non-bloggers than bloggers, and perhaps more non-English readers (bloggers and others) than English bloggers. Anyhow, I'm glad for it, as I enjoy thinking about chakras, and rather enjoy these cards ;)
      And yes, it's so important to not tear our hair out, but just do what we can, when we can...

  3. This is a really thought-provoking oracle! I am tempted to get it. I like the way you interpreted the reading and I am sorry about you feeling like tearing your hair out and that you feel like a 'fat mommy'. If you're a fat mommy then I'm an 'obese mommy' if that makes you feel any better. Hah. I think as women we focus too much on feeling ugly or fat and we don't see our own beauty--mind,body and spirit. I hope you find the key in the last card--that feels so uplifting.

    1. Hiya MM,
      I think the key was that I already have the resources to change these feelings, if not the factors causing them. Have been reading about tapping again, and was reminded of the fact that stress by itself encourages weight gain. So, reducing stress will help me lose some of that pooch. As for you, I'm sure that struggling with anxiety also triggers cortisol, the stress hormone. As you say, if we can see the beauty of our whole being, we can hopefully find some peace, stress less, and we will lose some of that weight without even trying... :)
      Hugs, Cxx