Monday, 23 June 2014

Kindergarten Lenormand Reading

Not having done a Lenormand week in months, I decided it was about time to go for it.  One reason is that I have just recently put the second edition of my Kindergarten Lenormand up on The Game Crafter.  I received the 'prototype' deck last week, and couldn't wait to play :D

I decided to do a nine card draw to look at the situation for this week.  Reading the cards generally, the corners give us a theme: the end (Grave) of something to do with a woman (Woman) gives rise to new (Child) choices (Paths).  At the heart of the reading is Book: a project, or something secret.  And the action that will move things forward is guidance (Stars) from spoken (Birds) messages (Rider) about burdens or ethical questions (Cross). 

Looking at the lines: clear intuition about something new, messages about a project from a conversation, ethical choices around an ending.

What project is foremost in your mind right now?  Who could give you guidance on this?  What do you need to let go of?  How can you choose most wisely and ethically?

However, at a personal level, these cards gave me a very specific message.  This week, we are going to see a surgeon about an operation my older son may need.  So, it is a woman making choices about the illness (Grave) of her child (Child), with news spoken by a scientist (Stars), and a big ethical choice to make, where there are plenty of mysteries: will it help, will he have less pain, will he be safe, will he sleep better, will he be healthier, will he put on weight? 

Looking at the lines: our intuition about this question around our son is something we will have to trust, as we gather messages about all the possibilities through this conversation, and then we have an ethical, burdensome choice to make about this potential end to his 'illness'.  My Dear One and I have gathered what information we can, and made a list of things to ask about, now it's all about this conversation and the decisions that will flow from it... Wish us luck!


  1. I do wish you and DH the wisdom and trust to choose the right option for BB

    1. Thanks, Ellen. The consultation is tomorrow, so fingers crossed we'll have some more clarity by Wednesday...