Monday, 14 July 2014

Mystical Cats Tarot Reading

This week's deck, the Mystical Cats Tarot (Llewellyn, 2014), is another in the long line of cat-themed tarots.  However, it isn't just a cute, cat deck, it is very expressive and readable.

I decided to use it for a Situation-Don't-Do Reading, and drew:

Situation: Seven of Earth (Pentacles)

A grey tabby lies in wait outside a hole at the base of a tree.  Hoping hir patience will be rewarded with a tasty meal, having already gone to the effort to scope out this spot.  Isn't this an interesting and evocative depiction of the Seven of Pentacles?  There is perhaps less evidence of hard work, and a rather faster expectation of reward than with the traditional figure tending plants, but the overall feel is maintained.

This speaks of a situation where there is a need to wait, perhaps to assess what has gone before and plan for the future.  It could also suggest being ready to pounce when fortune gives us the opportunity!

Don't - The Sun

A statue of Bast watches over three kitties sunning themselves in an elegant patio.  Bast, an Egyptian female cat goddess, is associated with the fiery energy of the Sun.  She is also a playful goddess, compared to her fierce sister Sekhmet.  These attributes fit in perfectly with the Sun card, an image of energy with a sense of refound joy and innocence, and an openness to life.

However, in this position the card tells us not to let down our guard at that mousehole, not to become complacent or slack off.  There will be time for joyous celebration once we've finished what we're doing.

Do - Six of Fire (Wands)

Another grey tabby (or perhaps the same one!) sits at the front of a glade.  Around hir are the spoils of the victor, toys and treats.  Other cats come, bringing hir offerings. 

What would success look like to a cat?  I suspect they are too solitary for this kind of feudal behaviour.  Still, it's certainly true that cats like their creature comforts and happily accept gifts and treats as their due ;D

As what to do, it suggests to me accepting help when offered, in order to be more successful in what we do.

Pulling the reading together, it speaks to me of balancing work and family.  The Seven of Earth suggests taking time to assess how that's going.  Am I getting the balance right?  Do I need to be more patient with how little work I seem to get done?  The Sun says I shouldn't just sit back and give up on work, enjoying my family.  Rather, the Six of Fire encourages me to accept help where offered, so I can know my kids are well taken care of, but still work on other tasks.  And returning to the Seven of Earth, I am reminded that slow and steady wins the race... eventually :D


  1. These are nicely coloured cards aren't they? Very earthy, I like that. An interesting reading too. I can imagine that this deck would be comforting and 'story-like' to read with. I am still not sure I have found the Cat deck I am 100% happy with. I have a few. I'd say this is nearer to what I like though (from what I can see here, real cats in real situations).

    Maybe the 6 of Wands advises that sometimes you stop (even if just for a second) and appreciate the view. You really have climbed high and have achieved some great things in recent times.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. I like the Bohemian Cats Tarot less, and the Tarot of the White Cats is a bit too RWS. The Cat's Eye Tarot is lovely, and I really like this one, too. It's great that, with technological progress, more and more decks are being printed borderless!

      Nice interpretation of the Six of Wands - I probably don't do that enough, always thinking about what else needs doing... :)

    2. I loved the Bohemian Cats when they first came out. And there are some cards I am very fond of. But I have not used it in many years.

      I have the Medieval Cats too but they are a bit syrupy in colour and lacking in personality.

      I always keep an eye out for a good cat tarot, but I'd say that the one I'm looking for has not been designed yet. That's not too much of a problem though, since Cat Tarots are like Vampire and Steampunk Tarots, it seems - they just keep coming and coming.

    3. Lol, yes, very true. Though I'm not sure there's been a new Vampire tarot in a while... Or maybe I've just not been looking at darker decks lately. Certainly, lots of animal decks last year.

  2. Great reading! I love this deck, and enjoyed your interpretation of the cards.

    1. Thanks, Zanna. I really enjoyed reading with this deck - the cats are very expressive :)

  3. I agree with Steve You have so much accomplished lately; not to forget having a beautiful baby. Did you know it takes nine months to fully recover from giving birth?
    Great deck. The best cat themed deck I've seen so far . Btw Foolsdog has made an app of this deck too

    1. I didn't know about the app, Ellen, thanks. And thanks for the support. I shall hope that in four and a half months time I will be more back to normal, then ;)