Friday, 4 July 2014

Under the Roses App Overview

Article originally published in the TABI Ezine, Summer 2014 edition:

This app was created using the original, self-published Under the Roses Lenormand (2012), simple title (non-keyword) version.  So, the cards have just a title at the bottom, and then the Lenormand number and abbreviated playing card association in circles in the top corners.  The app is based on a Wopple Topple template, and has been beautifully customised.  The colouring, design and layout are elegant and match the deck perfectly.  And there are lots of great features!

It is possible to look through the entire deck, familiarising yourself with the cards and reading the given keywords and meanings.  You can choose a Card of the Day, or pick one of several spreads: 3 card, 5 card, 9 card, Grand Tableau or Under the Roses.  The Under the Roses spread uses five cards in an arc of 3 above (influencing past happenings, present thoughts, and influencing future happenings) and a pair below (present happenings, influencing future thoughts).

The shuffle section is quite fun, with 6 different modes of shuffling (drop, pull, riffle, random, wash and cut) that you can use as often as you like, until you feel it’s “done”.  Next you get to “pick your cards” from a 36 card-back layout.  Which is fine if you’re drawing a line of three, but gets a bit boring for the Grand Tableau.  Fortunately, you can also just tap “next” to have the app do it for you :)

There is also a journal feature, where you can write about your reading and save a screenshot.  However, there are two things to be aware of here.  Firstly, once you save the reading, you can no longer interact with the cards in it.  Secondly, although you can email the reading, only the screenshot is sent, not whatever you wrote in your Reading Notes section.  I got around this by emailing the screenshot to myself and then cutting and pasting the reading notes into another email, but it isn’t ideal.

Before you save the reading, the cards can be enlarged and you can access the card meaning, as well as the positional meaning.  This is especially helpful in the Grand Tableau, as it reminds you which “house” the card falls in.  Also, in all the readings the cards are quite small, so you may want to enlarge to check which is which.  

Another great feature is that, before you save the reading, you can choose to add additional cards to your spread, or move the cards around.  Double-tapping a card turns it 90 degrees, if you want “crossing” cards, and you can just drag and drop cards on the screen to alter their position.  In the Grand Tableau, I found this a bit fiddly as the cards are small and close together, so it is quite easy to move things accidentally.  Still, it’s a useful feature, allowing you to move cards to “see” the nine square around an edge card.  Alternatively, you can add extra cards if you just drew a smaller spread and want additional information without starting over.  Makes it feel more like a real deck of cards :)

The final feature is that you can choose whether to use the traditional Man and Woman cards, the “alternate” cards (African-American), two Man cards, or two Woman cards.  This seems to be a sensible way to allow access to the “extra” cards, without complicating the app by having different possible numbers of cards in the “deck”.

Altogether, this is a very complete app: beautifully executed, with oodles of features and plenty of elegance and charm.  At £1.69, it won’t break the bank, and is a great tool for learning about Lenormand cards and readings, or for having a deck at the touch of a button when out and about.


  1. It does look lovely. Since Google is accepting Paypal I've bought myself three app's. The last one was the Dondorf lenormand, mainly for practicing when I am out and about. It is tempting to buy more and yes they are not that expensive but in the end I rather save for real cards :D
    I've just ordered the Enchanted lenormand and two other decks so the bank is closed for the summer :D

    1. Yes, I got the Dondorf one, too! It's very good. Still, I love the artwork from the Under the Roses <3
      I know what you mean about preferring real cards, but like you say, for out-and-about, or when I have no hands free for shuffling... :)
      The Enchanted is lovely, too - will look forward to your posts with it! Good luck stopping for the summer ;)

    2. ha ha my hands are less occupied than yours!