Monday, 7 July 2014

Whimsy Lenormand App Reading

This week, I'll be drawing from the Whimsy Lenormand App, by Pepi Valderrama.  It's a cute, whimsical deck, as the name suggests.

And this week's nine square has at the corners: Bear, Book, Clover, Lady.  A project manager brings luck to the querent/secret eating reduces intuition/a mother's secret brings an opportunity. 

At the centre: Dog - loyalty, friendship, dogged approach.
Action cross: Cross, Ring, Dog, Flower, Ship.  Loyally commit to dealing ethically on your creative journey/burdens require a creative commitment to a business venture.

If I read predictively, I'd expect some happy news from the person editing the Celtic Lenormand this week, and a reminder of why I feel loyal to US Games.  As I don't though, I see here more that I may need to manage my resources around a project if it is to bring me any joy.  The advice I take from this reading is to commit to my creative pursuits, in the face of other burdens.  So, despite the kids and the other work I need to do, I will make sure to spend some quality time with at least one of my creative projects.  After all, when the kids drive me crazy, that creativity brings me back to myself!


  1. I like the way you read a square of nine. It is more manageable this way instead of reading it back and forth and up and down etc. If I am correct the corners define the topic and the cross cards are telling you how to deal with it?
    I would love it if you'll get happy news from US games! and I'm certain you can find some time for creative activities but woman where do you find the energy? :)

    1. Well, of course, you can read the diagonals, the rows, the columns, and even do knighting within the reading. However, those would be more for nuances, and really, how much more do I need to know? ;)
      Not feeling much energy right now, but hopefully at some point... :D

  2. Maybe I'm a weirdo but I think reading predictively is the best part of doing divination! I love it! I just can't imagine not doing it, although I completely respect your decision. :)

    1. Well, especially in the Lenormand community, I think it's me that would be considered weird, not predicting. How often do your predictions work out, though? And does it benefit you, even if they do? Other than thinking, yeah, I pegged it!?
      I worry that if I predict, there can be an element of either self-fulfilling prophecies (good and bad), or fighting not to let something happen (in which case how do you know what would have happened if you hadn't fought against it). So, I prefer to think about what I can do to achieve an outcome I like, rather than leaving myself in the hands of chance... :)

    2. I completely understand your point. I do think the prediction has been helpful for me in many ways, though. I do find that many if not all of the readings have been accurate and this gives me confidence both as a reader and in terms of giving me guidance.

      There are two caveats to this, however. One is that I feel a good reading primarily tells you things you already know, with only a small portion being the unknown. The other part is that I do believe in free will and altering obe's destiny in every new moment. Even so, I do see the value in prediction, as long as it is done in a spirit if empowerment and knowing you can change things in your life.

      Again I totally understand your point of view. I think, as is the case with most things, it is good to not worry too much about it either way. I find it intriguing and somewhere comforting...a kind of confirmation it events.



    3. I see what you mean, and that's a very positive way to approach prediction. I guess a couple of things put me off. Firstly, I experienced several people who had bought into predictions in an unhealthy way when I was working for a psychic phone line. People came to me with questions based on something some psychic had said to them, with nothing to support those claims, and leading them into some rather unhealthy territory. Secondly, Rachel Pollack gave a fascinating talk and wrote an interesting piece in the re-translation of Oedipous Rex, saying how the whole thing was driven by the Oracle of Delphi's cryptic visions, and exploring the power of prediction.
      For myself, I do predictive readings sometimes. Especially about things that I have no control over, so I know I won't influence whether or not the prediction works out. However, for others it feels like playing with their lives...
      Anyhow, I'm glad that prediction helps and comforts you!

    4. I totally understand and can see how people misuse the concept of prediction. I have had firsthand accounts with those folks. I think with everything there is the possibility of manipulation and misinformation. This is part of why I am somewhat sparing with my image as a tarot reader. Despite its ability to be used in positive ways, what people tend to focus in on are the negative stereotypes based on icky experiences from questionable individuals.

      So, this is why I will probably never become a professional tarot reader...I don't feel like dealing with busting stereotypes or confusing disempowered people. Ah well!

      Have a good one!

  3. P.s. Excuse the typos...typing one-fingered on my phone. :) by the way, do you know why Prince Lenormand's blog is private? I have been concerned about him.