Monday, 11 August 2014

Sacred Isle Tarot Reading

This week's deck, the Sacred Isle Tarot, is fresh off the press.  Self-published by its British creator, David Higgins, after a fair while on my Facebook radar it's nice to finally shuffle it.  While very clearly a RWS clone, the fantasy-style art is beautiful.

So, what does the Sacred Isle Tarot have to say about the week to come?

Situation - Eight of Wands

This deck is fairly female-centric, as might be expected from the name.  The traditional flying wands pierce a stormy sky, watched by a shocked-looking woman standing between enormous pillars.  Seems like the week may fly by, with lots going on, and the warning that we may just have to watch from the sidelines at some points.

Don't - Three of Cups

These women dancing together joyously invite us to drink deeply of life, celebrating in the company of others.  Sadly, this is what not to do, or at least not yet...

Do - Five of Swords

This man looks at us challengingly, as though to say: "Try it if you dare!"  The prone body of someone who tried and failed lies far below.  Yet, though it may seem hard to gather our thoughts, and to win through with our arguments, that is the gauntlet we are to run this week.  We may not always succeed, yet it is better to try than to simply stand by passively or hide in emotionally easy pursuits.

This reading feels useful to me in a couple of different ways.  For one thing, I sometimes see the 'Don't' card as a 'Not yet' message.  With my elder son going in for surgery, I get the message that it won't yet be time to celebrate, as he has a second surgery booked at the end of next week, too!  So, we'll keep going, despite the challenges, and gather any advice or positivity we can get for the next part.

At another level, I also see the advice to keep battling on, trying to make time for my own projects in the face of all that's going on around me.  Keeping busy will also help take my mind off the impending surgery, and hopefully this week I'll be able to do some fun (divination) work, as well as the regular work which took up most of last week.


  1. Keeping busy will keep your thoughts occupied and will prevent you from worrying too much. I know it is difficult. If you are a bit like me the anxiety will be hard to battle. I hope you can find some activities to calm yourself and find some relaxation

    1. Thanks, Ellen. For the moment, I'm keeping busy. It helps that US Games contacted me, requesting some additional information on the spreads in the Celtic Lenormand companion book :D
      Hugs, Cxx