Monday, 22 September 2014

Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot Reading

This week, it's another Lo Scarabeo new release. This one has been long-awaited, and is both strange and delightful: the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot (2014). 

Situation - Eight of Pentacles

A pretty brunette wears a red face mask and dress.  Her slim female body morphs into a fly's wings, legs and arms.  She appears to be trying to train a smaller bug to do tricks with strawberries.  Practice makes perfect could certainly be her catchphrase, which fits well with traditional RWS understandings of the Eight of Pentacles.

Don't - Two of Pentacles

A doll-like figure with no obvious connection between her head and body stands in a strange, chequered room.  She juggles what appears to be six balls, a skittle and a button.  Although there are eight objects, rather than two, the traditional message of juggling different things comes through clear and strong.

Do - Three of Cups

Hmm, once again the feel is right, even if the numbers are wrong.  We see four mermaids clearly, jumping free of the water.  Another three are suggested by fishtails flapping up from beneath the waters.  The feel if the card is joyful and playful, even if some of the mermaids have quite serious expressions.  Like a school of fish, a group of friends often flow together.

For myself, I'm not sure if I'm the trainer or the bug that's learning.  Either way, practice is called for.  The risk of juggling too many things, though, isn't helped by these first two cards.  Should I focus on practising card readings in a forum I've recently joined, which also gets me to practice my German?  Or practice different techniques for trying to get the baby, now six months old, to sleep by himself?  The last card seems to suggest I focus on the former: it is more sociable, and perhaps more likely to succeed :)

P.S. This week there will be an extra post on Wednesday, as part of the Autumn Equinox Tarot Blog Hop.


  1. Ah, this was one of the decks which interested me from the catalogue. The artwork reminds me [a bit] of Mark Ryden, who I love.

    I'm excited to see your overview with this one! Nice ornate cream borders too. How are the backs, out of interest?

  2. Wow, yes, I can certainly see the similarities. Nicoletta Ceccoli's are perhaps a little more organic in feel. Did he paint that one with the meat before or after Lady Gaga's dress, do you know? Thanks for the interesting link, Steve :)