Monday, 27 October 2014

Geomancy Spread

Last Friday, I wrote a bit about the Geomancy talk at the UK Tarot Conference, given by Les Cross.  As well as explaining about geomancy, his intuitive system for reading with geomes, and offering some very handy cards for the purpose,  Les suggested a really interesting way of using a tarot reading itself to also create a geome reading. 

In each 'position' you draw four cards, one for each level of the geome.  For instance, you can draw four cards for now and four for where things are headed.  Then, if the card number is odd, it counts as one tap (constriction), and even is two taps (expansion).  Courts are treated as being numbered eleven through fourteen, so Pages and Queens are one tap, and Knights and Kings are two taps. 

Here is a reading I did using this system, with two geomes for now and where things are headed.  So we see that currently, others are being offered their due for their ideas and suggestions (6 of Pents, two taps in the external mental zone), but there's a need to narrow your focus: to use the ideas from others that you already have to hand (Magician, one tap).  Time to stop researching and put that knowledge into practice.

On the internal mental level, there's a feeling that all these ideas belong to others, not to you (7 of Swords, one tap).  Now, putting those ideas into practice with the Magician means you'll have to wait and see how things go (3 of Wands) before planning your next step.

In terms of internal physical resources, these are currently being studied (Page of Pents, one tap).  However, this is an area where action needs to be taken, to get things moving and actively progressing (8 of Wands, two taps).

Finally, it seems there's nothing currently being done to reach out to others physically, due to painful experiences from doing so (3 of Swords).  While reaching out may not be on the cards for a while, that pain can be healed through Faith (the Hierophant) that others will help when needed.  This might be fostered by finding some institution that is willing to help, even if they are not yet called for.

It's true I've been doing some research over the past week or two, so I guess this reading tells me to stop listening to others and get down to some of the work this research has been for.  As for my physical and material resources, now I should make use of them for more than just studying.  It's time to use some software I've had for a while to move things forward.  As for the last part, I have a few ideas about people/firms to reach out to who have the material resources to move this project forward as and when it's ready to go...

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  1. Wow, this is a super interesting method. I'm not very familiar with geomancy, but I'd like to experiment a bit with this using cards!

    1. Hi Olivia,
      I hope you do give it a go, I found it very rewarding :) And it's nice that you don't need anything beyond the cards you already have!