Friday, 24 October 2014

Les Cross and Geomancy & Giveaway Result

Four Levels model for Astrogem Geomancy
Another of the workshops from the UK Tarot Conference that I wanted to share about in a bit more detail was Dr. Les Cross' approach to Geomancy. 

He explained that this is based on a 3000 year old practice of divining from natural elements.  A bit like the I-Ching, you create a shape through four yes/no or odd/even throws.  So, it's possible to create geomes (the equivalent to the I-Ching hexagram) using anything that has two sides or ends: a business card, a coin, a smooth stone, a twig, whatever!

Les Cross has also developed his own system, which associates gems and astrological notions to each geome.  And he has published some lovely cards which can be used for this system, with images on one side and explanations on the other.  Being a sucker for cards, I got a set :)

The geomes, courtesy of Astrogem Geomancy
As for actually reading the geomes, while Les encourages people to study the traditional names and meanings, he has also come up with a more intuitive system.  Each geome has four parts, which can contain one tap or two taps (dots).  One tap indicates reduction or constriction, two taps indicate expansion or increase.  Of course, neither of these is inherently good or bad: a reduction in your workload might be good if you're feeling overwhelmed, or bad if you need to increase your income.

In terms of the four different levels of the geome, his intuitive method equates the top two with mental/spiritual elements and the bottom two with physical/material elements.  The outer levels are associated to the external, while the middle two are internal.  So, the second level from the top is about internal mental aspects: our own thoughts and beliefs.

As for how to read with this system, the basic idea is to see the flow that is currently taking place. A base reading would draw two geomes to see where you are and where you are headed. 

For example, I did a reading around a work question, using his cards, and got Via and Laetitia.  Currently, then, this project is full of potential, but with nothing actually happening (a fairly accurate description).  Moving it forward, I need to activate my own thought processes, planning and strategy (level two), to bring to bear my own resources at a material level (level three), and to also expand my outreach to others at a practical level (fourth layer).  What I don't need is to be worrying about what others think of this project (top level), I just need to trust and get on with it.  Makes sense to me!

And no, I didn't forget the giveaway.  The Numerology Cards will wing their way across to:
***Harpa Luthersdottir***
Congratulations, and I'll contact you for your address :)


  1. Thank you so much, im so happy i´m gonna be singing and dancing all day :D thanks again :*

    1. You're welcome, Harpa. Will post the deck out early next week :)

  2. Great post with a wonderful summary & example. Thank you Chloe!