Monday, 13 October 2014

Pagan Lenormand Reading

Another new Lenormand deck this week, the Pagan Lenormand (Lo Scarabeo, 2014).  The creator is Gina Pace, who also created the Pagan Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2005), and both decks share a modern pagan theme.  More on that on Friday, for now let's dive into the reading...

Man, Snake, Anchor
Well, a traditional way to read this would see your partner getting together with another woman from work.  However, I don't see much point to that kind of reading.  I know my partner isn't involved with anyone else, and reading this way would provide me with nothing helpful or empowering.

Instead, this week I want to explore the first way of reading small spreads with House positions which I mentioned last week.  Using this method, you simply apply the position number as the House.  So, in a three card draw you use Rider, Clover and Ship as your Houses.  Here, then, we have Man in Rider, Snake in Clover, Anchor in Ship.  This gives us a few possibilities:

☛ Actively seek information about short-term twists and turns involving an international work project.
☛ Dynamically apply logic to find the opportunities in the boundaries around a stable venture.  (Examine the boundaries, for example contractual obligations, or the limits of those people assigned to it, in a project that seems secure or perhaps overly rigid, in order to figure out a better, more fluid way of dealing with it).
☛ Use your ability to communicate effectively in order to tempt someone into an opportunity related to a past connection.  (What is someone you are dealing with feeling nostalgic about, that perhaps brought them a sense of security?  How can you use this information to tempt them to do something which is a good opportunity for you both?)

For myself, it is a combination of the first and second which feels most helpful.  I'm involved with a couple of international work projects, and could definitely do with getting more information on each, as well as assessing where they are in terms of boundaries and opportunities.

I haven't been focusing on these projects much lately, with responsibilities at home in the foreground, and then the UK Tarot Conference to attend (P.S. there's an extra post and a giveaway on Wednesday about this).  However, a couple of emails and the delivery of a huge wodge of paperwork that I need to read highlight that this is something I should spend some time on sooner rather than later.  While I may be tempted to do something that feels more exciting, sometimes I just need to get down to the work that needs doing.  And the faster I get to it, the sooner I can turn to other, more interesting things...


  1. I've been raised like many of us "first your homework than play" Sometimes this still comes in handy.
    This type of reading is so much more helpful than looking strange at you husband over breakfast :)

    1. ;D Yes, good way of putting it, Ellen! As for homework first, I try to do a bit of homework, then give myself a little treat (like reading a friend's blog), then back to homework :)