Friday, 14 November 2014

American Civil War Lenormand Overview

Card Back
The American Civil War Lenormand is one of a number of decks self-published by Bridgett Trejo.  Although it's not a period I'm especially familiar with, there's something about this deck that appealed to me.

I think it may be a combination of Gone With The Wind romance paired with a kind of quaint, homely reality.  This isn't a deck dedicated to the generals and fine ladies, but something altogether more mundane.  This is history through the eyes of regular folks. 


House, Ship, Bouquet, Moon
The Two Families :)
For instance, the Bouquet shows a square jar holding simple flowers, rather than a fancy vase.  The Ship is an iron war horse, not a fancy cruise ship or speedy trade vessel.  And the House is a slightly rambling ranch, not an elegant mansion.

Although some of the cards in this deck are clearly oldified, sepia-toned modern images, such as the picture of the Moon, others are clearly authentic images from the era.  Photos or postcards of folks in the garb of the era, either posed somewhat rigidly, or in more natural action shots.

Another thing worth commenting on is the extra cards: there is a choice of two Men, Women, and also Children.  For some reason, this last is one that I've always liked.   Perhaps because I have two boys while so many Lenormand's show a girl, despite the associated playing card being the Jack of Spades.

Doesn't that little chap look stiff and uncomfortable in his mini uniform?  Though Christmas approaches and I've already received a reindeer costume for my eight month old, I can still laugh at the foibles of parents dressing their kids up for a photograph!

Altogether, this is a nicely put together deck. I kind of wish more space had been given to the photos, rather than quite so much being the associated playing card, a little civil war tribute, and agified card.  Still, I like the quaint, historical feel of it.  And on a side note, the deck is dispatched from Printer Studio, with branches in Europe, the States and China.  So, I didn't get hit with extra custom charges, which is always good to know before buying a self-published deck from overseas!


  1. I had no idea there was a American Civil War deck - the things you learn from reading other blogs... :D I like the antique, sepia look of them. Are the two families represented by one from the North and one from the South?

    1. Now that's an interesting question, Bev! I can't tell, not knowing enough about Civil War uniforms. Certainly, what I noticed was that one seemed a bit more distant/formal, and of course there is the choice of a boy and a girl... :)