Monday, 3 November 2014

Chrysalis Tarot Reading

This week, it's back to a reading on Monday and a review on Friday, using the Chrysalis Tarot (U.S. Games, 2014).  The artwork in this deck, by Holly Sierra, is absolutly lovely: colourful and joyful.  And the inspiration and writing of Toney Brooks is full of myth and mystery - delightful!

Situation: Golden Flower (Temperance)

The companion booklet links this card to meditation, rather than more traditional ideas of getting the right balance of ingredients, moderation, or balancing different elements.  Though, it's true, meditation helps in finding inner balance...

Don't: Ten of Mirrors (Cups)

Rather than domestic bliss, this card shows the dove of peace carrying mirrors that reflect happiness.  As the card for what to avoid, I see it saying not to idealise emotional situations or family, not to choose peace over what your inner voice tells you is right.

Do: Ten of Scrolls (Swords)

I love the description Brooks gives of tiger energy that battles through the negativity of thought patterns that lock you in: 'strong-willed, confident and resolved'.  That definitely sounds like a good mix to overcome the sometimes overly dramatic emphasis of this card, with those thoughts that we allow to stab us in the back, to lay us low, and which we face again and again until we break free of their hold.  In terms of what to do, it's a clarion call to roar in the face of adversity!

Well, I am hoping to make meditation a focus of my week, it's true.  I'm writing some meditations for workshops I will be running next year!  And so, I shall make sure not to focus too much on emotions in these, but rather to highlight how people can be confident and resolved.  On a more personal level, I have been meditating daily, and it has definitely helped me find greater emotional peace, and to focus on my own ability to deal with negative self-talk :)


  1. I love this deck so much. The colors are jumping form the card right into your heart!
    I am so happy to hear you have found the time to rekindle you meditation practice. This post is for me the final kick in the but to get starting again too
    My own ten swords are so good in convincing me to put of this practice :)

    1. Hope you have gone back to it, Ellen. I find it such a great support for my busy life ;) Don't let those Ten Scrolls tell you you can't do it, if you want to you can!

  2. Lovely post. I see the workshops in those mirrors. You, being the dove, helping people to look at themselves from new perspectives.

    1. That's a lovely perspective, Steve, thank you! Kind of a not now but sometime approach to the "don't" card ;)