Monday, 10 November 2014

American Civil War Lenormand Reading

Today, I wanted to pull out some Lenormand cards again.  This week's deck is a self-published one by Bridgett Trejo, the American Civil War Lenormand.  

As for the cards, we have Rider, Woman, Moon, Ring.  Riffing on these, I get:

Intuitive information about an emotional commitment.
News about a woman's work contract.
A woman receives news about an engagement that affects her reputation.

A combination of these feel useful to me this week.  I received some news about someone I work with, who has given in her notice.  There's a part of me that feels I should have realised this was going to happen.  Aren't I supposed to be intuitive?  Yet, sometimes things really are a surprise to all involved.  Still, it makes me question the reputation of the recruiter who found her in the first place.  And maybe that's where I need to trust my intuition and recommend we don't use that recruiter again in the future...

There's also a big meeting at work this week, where a couple of people's reputations are on the line (not mine, thank goodness).  So, I'll try to keep my intuition flowing smoothly, and hope I can pick up on what's needed to get the contract we're hoping for. 


  1. Luckily we cannot be open to everything that's going to happen. I suppose we'd all go nuts. Like you said, mostly we have to use our intuition to respond adequate to the situation at hand
    Good luck with the meeting :D

    1. I like how you put that: using our intuition to respond to the situation at hand. After all, we can't always be assessing all the "what if's" or we'd go nuts.
      Have a lovely week, Ellen :)

  2. Nice. I understand what you mean… "shouldn't I have picked up on that??" But yeah, sometimes the surprise hits all of us with the same force….! Good luck with all this week!

  3. Sometimes I feel what is going to happen, but shrug it off, then when it happens I laugh and say ... ugh! Thanks for using my cards. I am happy that they have provided you with an accurate reading. Good luck.

    1. Thanks, Bridgett. I find these cards very charming and easy to read, so thanks for creating them, too. Wishing you a good week! :)