Monday, 24 November 2014

Shaman Tarot Reading

Here's another deck I've had for a while, the Shaman Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2010). I was reminded of it because an online store I sometimes buy, Tarot Chest, from sends out single cards as teasers, and so I've been using the Queen of Cups from this deck as a bookmark :)

Situation - Ten of Skulls (Wands)

At the front of the card, the man looks pensive, yet calm.  Further back, we see the same man, with a lion pouncing on him.  Still, he doesn't look panicked, and I wonder if this is him absorbing the lion's spirit in order to deal with the burdens he faces with calm.

Don't - The Moon

A man with a spirit drum looks on as female sprites rise up from the deep waters.  Has he purposely called them, or are they there to bamboozle him?  Under the light of the moon, nothing is certain.

Do - Five of Drums (Pentacles)

In the centre, a man and a leopard seem to fall into darkness, while around them five wicked-looking faces laugh.  Are these those demons we carry around with us: fears, doubts and resentments?  Recognising that these demons are part of us, rather than something outside of ourselves, can help us deal with them appropriately.

This reading makes a great deal of sense to me this week.  My Dear One is going away for a couple of days R & R.  It's well-deserved, and at the same time it leaves me with the responsibility of both kids, running the household and my regular work.  While I'll have help, it still feels a little daunting. 

The Moon reminds me that night time is the worst.  A time when I may react to small noises with fear, and when loneliness might send me to the 'treats' cupboard for company.  Meanwhile, the Five of Drums reminds me that all these fears and temptations are my own demons, nothing to do with reality.  The leopard reminds me that I can change my spots: I haven't eaten chocolate, biscuits or cake for ten weeks, and I don't plan to start again now!  The Ten of Skulls reminds me that I have the inner strength to deal with all this, so long as I stay calm and focused.

By the way, if you'd like to read some journal prompts inspired by these cards, check out the all new TABI Tarot Blog :D


  1. Great reading!

    I haven't smoked for over three years. I haven't drank alcohol for over two and a half years.

    But Chocolate, Biscuits, and Cake ... I recognise those demons too! Such great names for demons ;) They visit me often.

    Well done on your ten weeks though!

    1. Giving up cigs and alcohol is such a great achievement, Steve! Go you :D Ha ha, yes, they are good demon names, aren't they. Food demons are tricky blighters, as unlike some other things, you can't go cold turkey, in that you can't just give up on eating altogether. So, they challenge us to find that middle path (Temperance, where art thou?)
      Have a great week!

  2. Absolutely! Inner fear and worry are the enemy. Stay calm. Rely on your higher power. Make lists. Prioritize. Surrender. Let go. Get out of your own way

    1. Those are all good suggestions, thanks Cynthia :)

  3. Perhaps instead of a treat that might cause more problems than its worth, you could promise to buy yourself a new deck or CD? Before you react to your fear, check and see if there is any hard evidence to back it up. Good luck! :)

    1. Ha ha, promising myself a new deck might be more dangerous than the chocolate!! So far, I'm doing okay with allowing myself some dates and nuts instead of biscuits... :)

  4. I agree with Bev. perhaps it will help you to pamper yourself with something else. My personal demons are Crisps and Chocolate so I can relate how difficult it can get in "times of trouble" Especially since they have replaced Cigarettes!
    I am positive your inner lion will roar during the tricky moments so you can regroup and defend yourself. Good luck to you and a Big Hug

    1. Wow, yes, when you give up something as addictive as cigarettes, I imagine it can feel like a far lesser evil to have some chocolate or crisps!
      I think my inner lion will come out if my boys are threatened, so at least I know they'll be safe. As for the rest, I shall keep listening to my hypnotherapy meditations, and make sure there are plenty of dates and nuts in the house :D
      Hugs to you, glad you're home again :)