Monday, 15 December 2014

Bohemian Animal Tarot Reading

This week, it's back to a straight-up tarot, and an RWS clone, at that.  The Bohemian Animal Tarot (Rockpool Publishing, 2014) puts animals in place of the traditional figures in the Rider Waite Smith Minors, at least. 

Situation - Three of Water (Cups)

A time to connect with others, it would seem, and to take time to celebrate.  I do have a couple of social engagements planned for the weekend, in the run up to Christmas.  However, I also see this card as being very much one of mutual support, and that's something that came up with last week's reading, too.  So, more opportunity to network and connect with others.

Don't - The Carousel (Chariot)

Look at those carousel creatures coming off the carousel to go their own way.  I'll take this as don't willfully follow your own path!

Do - Ten of the Air (Swords)

A goat lady stabbed through on the floor, hmm.  For me, the Ten of Swords can be about closure, accepting that something really is ending.  Combining that with the last card, it suggests finding an end to something before plowing into something new, and perhaps needing some support from friends with it.

Overall, I think this is about starting to tie up loose ends before the New Year.  I have lots of plans for 2015, but I can't get moving on them unless I cut down on some other things.  Maybe I can find someone else who wants to take on some of those.  Or maybe I just need to let go of some of my ideas about how those things need to be...


  1. Oh, how I can relate to the carousel horses on the Chariot! For me lately, I've noticed the Ten of Swords comes up when I've talked or over-analyzed something to death. I hope you do find some time to cut loose and make connections (Three of Cups) - you deserve it!

    1. Ha, yes, I do tend to overanalyse things. Funny, one of my closest friends uses "analysis paralysis" as her key phrase for the 8 of Swords, but I see your point about the 10 - analysing things to death :D

  2. I cannot not help but wonder if the last sentence of this blogpost isn't the biggest challenge for now. When letting go of perfectionism, a lot of stress and anxiety (energy drainers) can be released
    Wishing you all the support you can get and cheering you on on this side of the ocean

    1. Many (belated) thanks, Ellen! And yes, I think it probably is the biggest challenge. Funny, too, how often recently I've gotten a card in the Don't position about being willful or doing things my way (this week's King of Wands, for instance). Am I just not getting the message, or is it a continuing theme... :)